Tuesday, August 2, 2016

45 and Counting...

Here is my annual birthday post (which seems to be the only post I can get in these days!).

Here are 45 joys in my life (in no particular order):

45.  Sunsets.  Colorful sunsets. Especially over the ocean.
44.  Afternoon naps with the pup curled up next to me.
43.  An ice cold Coca-Cola
42.  Reading glasses (so I can read a lot of books!)
41.  My dolphin anklet
40.  Workouts that challenge me (even better when done with my teacher friends)
39.  New crayons and markers at the beginning of school
38.  Texts and messages from friends and families (all year long)
37.  Coloring in my coloring books with Child 4 as we listen to audio stories
36.  Reading my newspaper every morning
35.  A dip in my parents' pool
34.  Chilled Ghirardelli dark chocolate with sea salt caramel squares
33.  Watching the "lightbulb" go off when my students master a new skill
32.  Taking pictures
31.  Pizza (from Chicago or "Darngood")
30.  God's presence in my life. EVERY day.
29.  A hot shower (and the chance to pray in there)
28.  White lilies OR magnolia buds on my little tree
27.  My feet buried in the sand (with the saltwater lapping at my feet)
26.  Devotion time with Child 3
25.  Nike shorts and tank tops in the summer
24.  My Praise and Worship playlist
23.  Waterfalls and rainbows
22.  Spotting a cardinal
21.  A husband who loves me, supports me, encourages me, challenges me
20.  Weekly date nights
19.  Watching the cousins play together while my sister and I chat
18.  Family game night
17.  Weekly grocery shopping trips with child 2
16.  Evening walks with my main man
15.  Chocolate peanut butter shakes
14.  Watching my kids do the activities they love
13.  a pedicure (especially with pictures on my big toes)
12.  My school "family"
11.  Parents who live nearby
10.  Summertime (not setting my alarm!)
9.  Watching Child 1 prepare to leave the nest
8.  Friends who pray for us at a moment's notice
7.  Jigsaw puzzles
6.  My crockpot
5.  The colors of fall
4.  A hike in the woods
3.  Pillow talk with my guy
2.  Staying connected with family and friends via text/Facebook/email
1.  You. I am thankful for you.  I am blessed.