Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thankful Thursday...Once Again

I have tons of of pics to post from the girls' party and our summer events.

But not yet.

It is Thursday.

Thankful Thursday.

And I have a lot to be thankful for...

  • spending the evening watching the kids chase fireflies in the dark
  • beautiful sunsets
  • God's promise (as evidenced by the rainbow I saw last week)
  • bunny rabbits (Child 2 and I watch two bunnies chase each other the other night...)
  • baby birds (above my doorway again...three this time!
  • electricity and air conditioning
  • a dryer that no longer squeaks (though it was quite an ordeal getting it fixed)
  • shaved ice dates with the hubby (I know, I am thankful for that a lot...what can I say? I love that time)
  • a new pair of pajamas (on the bucket list)
  • seeing the world through my children's eyes
  • raw honey...YUM.
  • a fun visit with Mark's family last weekend
  • my son safely home from church camp
  • a dog that loves to take walks
  • Hallmark movies that make me cry
  • a new book
  • comic strips that make me laugh out loud
  • magnolia flowers/trees (I have heard they are a pain to have in your yard but they are SOOO pretty)
  • a clean kitchen
  • Google maps
  • thank you notes from former students
  • hot baths after a long day at the zoo
  • compliments on the kids from a stranger at a restaurant
  • all natural lemonade packets (I made the switch...and actually like it!)
  • my parents' pool (getting put in)...can't wait to do a little swimming!
  • the giggles of my youngest as he listens to stories on CD
  • the helpfulness of child 3 who actually asks to help with the laundry and cooking
  • the spirit of child 2...she is full of passion and love
  • the faith of child 1
  • not setting alarm clocks
  • my digital camera
I am sure I could think of a few more but I need to head to bed...

What are you thankful for this week?


Thursday, June 13, 2013

41 Reasons to Love


  1. He is handsome.  Still makes my heart swoon when I see him.  
  2. His humor.  We need that humor to get through this cray adventure of life.
  3. His dedication to being a father. Not just a father but an involved father.
  4. He does laundry.  I really try to stay on top of it. I feel like it is "my job" but times when I can't, he doesn't say a word. He just throws a load in.
  5. He keeps the sink clean.
  6. He is self-motivated.  I am proud of him for starting his own company and for getting up daily and working even when the rest of us are snoozing!
  7. His love for Christ.  He is sold out. Completely.
  8. His sense of adventure (evident in marrying me, adopting not once but twice, etc)
  9. He grills a mean burger.
  10. He is safe...nowhere I feel safer than in his arms.
  11. He is romantic.  Flowers.  Love notes.  Etc.
  12. He is honest.
  13. He is wise.
  14. He is completely head over heels for our little pup...he completely lights up when she walks in the room.
  15. He is laid back (about some things).
  16. He is a home and in the community.
  17. He is organized.  Well, at least for work.  We are still working on some spots at home. 
  18. He is a "do it yourself" man.  Ice maker isn't working?  We figured it out.  Vacuum was broken. He fixed it.  He is currently making me a compost pile...all on his own. Much like he did with the loft in my classroom.
  19. He is loyal to God, to family, to self.
  20. He takes Child 1 golfing.
  21. He takes Child 2 to the movies.
  22. He laughs and humors Child 3 on the roughest days.
  23. He takes Child 4 to baseball games (if anything, to give me a break).
  24. He is my favorite "co-cook" in the kitchen...he browns ground beef and fries up chicken while I work on the other stuff.
  25. He drives. And drives. And drives.  With mostly no complaint. :)
  26. He gives of himself daily...just for us.
  27. He apologizes...with heart.
  28. He sends me random love texts for no reason at just the right time.
  29. He expects nothing.  
  30. He gives great hugs.  
  31.  He runs errands like quick trips to the grocery store for us.
  32. He takes me on late night sushi dates.
  33. He plays in the backyard with the kids.
  34. He is fun.
  35. He is a good friend.
  36. He keeps secrets/confidences.
  37. He is trustworthy.
  38. He loves me in spite of myself.
  39. He is comfortable in social situations...doesn't think a thing of attending events with me even if he knows no one.
  40. He takes us to the beach every year without complaint. :)
  41. He is love.
I am a blessed woman.

Happy birthday to my main main...



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Summer Bucket List

My daughter told me a few days ago that one of her friends had made a summer bucket list and that she was going to do the same.

I think I laughed and thought, "Kids."

But then yesterday she showed me her list.

I LOVE it.

It is just a fun mixture of simple fun ideas and a few outrageous.

It is carefree.

It is so her.

And it got me to thinking...

Why don't I have my own summer bucket list?

The funny thing is that I have been contemplating this for about 24 hours now and it is not easy.

I have to work really hard to separate "bucket list" and my "to do" list.

The "to do" list is easier for me to think of!

When did I become so boring, so practical?

I think it was the day I became a mom.

But I am determined to come up with a list.

I am trying to think of fun out of the ordinary things for me but also somewhat practical/attainable.

I mean, a week long getaway to an exotic location with just the hubs is a dream of mine but that doesn't mean it is going to happen this year or next or even the next.  I mean, who wants our four kids for a week? And we just started paying for braces.

 Or spending a day eating just chocolate...that would be a dream come true. But I can't do that to my body; I have worked too hard to get where I am at now.

Or a week at the beach with my parents and my sister/her is a HUGE dream of mine.  Not happening this year. And probably not next either.

But I have come up with a few things, though this list is a work in progress.  There are a few I won't share, just for modesty's sake...

My summer bucket list:
  • to say "yes" more than I say "no" to my kids. You have NO idea how hard this is for me!
  • to nap anytime I want (every day if I want to) without feeling guilty about it
  • to go on a float trip (this one may be happening soon!)
  • to eat lobster and shrimp ravioli and Joe's incredible rolls without an ounce of guilt or regret
  • to dance in the rain with my daughter
  • to spend just one day ALL day on my computer whether it is playing games, cleaning out my cache, or organizing my bookmarks
  • to read at least one (if not more) book just for fun...not for parenting or teaching!
  • to wear eye shadow (a little odd but I just don't do that typically)
  • to get a new camera
  • to go to the farmer's market at least once (if not more)
  • to slow dance with my husband (love to but it is rare)
  • to make homemade ice cream (no, don't have a maker...)
  • to do a random act of kindness
  • to find a shark tooth on the beach (but not IN the shark's mouth)
  • to watch a meteor shower with my husband...even better, outside of the city limits/lights!
  • to see a waterfall that takes my breath away
  • to watch the sun rise at least once (I am usually snoozing)
  • to visit some local "swimming holes" with the kids
  • to not set my alarm clock as much as possible
  • to make smores with the kids 
  • to visit with know, the ones we always say we need to get together with but don't!
  • to ride a bike trail
  • to learn how to grill
  • visit a state park
  • to pay off something I have wanted paid off for a long time
  • to buy a pair of fun summer time pajamas
  • to eat a Chicago pizza
  • to feel God's presence in a MIGHTY way, something that can only be experienced, not explained
  • to go to the zoo
Well, it's a start.

I am sure more will come to me with time.

I know I won't do all of them but it has been fun to think about.

So...what is on your bucket list for the summer?


Sunday, June 2, 2013

What a difference...

a year makes.

Last summer was NOT my favorite summer.

My husband had just been "unhired".

We were living in limbo.

We were dealing with some kid struggles.

Major struggles.

As in dreading to wake up every day struggles.

I felt like a prisoner in my own house.

Fast forward to this year...

Hubby owns his own company.

Okay, in some ways, it is like limbo.

We don't have that set paycheck.

But he is doing what he loves to do.

And our bills are paid.

It isn't perfect. 

Lately we have had a lot of "expenses".  It is easy to panic a bit. Or a lot.

But still, God is faithful.

(Just for the record, He was faithful last summer too...just feeling it more this year I suppose)

And the kid struggles?

Well, with four kids, there will always be struggles.

But so far our summer is off to a great start.

The kids are getting along.  Even playing together.

Meltdowns (both child and mom) have been pretty nonexistent.

And I have even run a few errands, leaving the oldest in charge.  When I come home, NO complaints.

I am actually looking forward to this summer.

So many other things have changed in the past year...

Our eating habits.

My weight.

Our house (though it is still a work in progress).

Our children.  (I am going to do a special post about them this week)

Our health (both good and bad :).

Who knew what a difference one year could make?