Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Going for Gold...

We had a fun night (I realize it is actually early morning but until I go to bed, it is still Tuesday to me :) Tonight was Child 3's big school program, the circus. And I have several pics I want to share. But they deserve their own post, much like this one does...

Today was Science Fair project day. I had mine set out on the table (class project with kindergarteners) just before 8:00 a.m. On the way in, my very competitive older daughter jokingly (I am going to assume that is how it was said...) told her big brother that she hoped he did well and came in second. What she was implying was that she hoped her class' class project came in first. I quickly explained that their projects would be in two different categories. Then she realized her project (a class project) would be up against MY class project. I don't remember if she verbalized that or not, but I am pretty sure the sentiment was the same...she hoped I did well and came in second.

On my way to lunch, I scanned the projects in the hallway. Guess what was on my class project? A red ribbon (second place). And guess what was on Child 2's class project? Oh yes, first place. By the way, I have heard that a few dozen times since. :)

After I ate, I decided to wander around to see if I could find Child 1's project. I knew it would stand out. He did a project with different types of trenches using his plastic Army men. So we used camouflage paper in the background. Obviously in the woods, that would have been camouflaged. But in the school setting, not so much. I walked on down the hall, trying to be all casual. And I happened to glimpse a little camouflage. I also happened to glimpse blue. As in blue ribbon. And I started crying. And I am still crying.

I ran into his teacher (who maybe had tears in her eyes too). She told me that the judges pulled him out of class to ask him questions about his project. He must have answered pretty well since he won in his category. When I asked him WHAT they asked him, I got a pretty typical "boy answer": "Oh, they just asked me some questions about the project." He did tell me later they asked him why he had chosen his project. He responded by telling them that he had family members who had been in the military, as well as a former teacher (who is in Afghanistan right now).

A little while later I walked by and saw a new addition to his project. There was a handwritten note in front of the project that said, "This is dedicated to Mr. E..." That would be the teacher in Afghanistan. I cried all over again!

Forgive me for the "proud mom" post...but, I am proud of child 2 and her class. I am proud of my own class. And I am proud of Child 1's hard work and dedication. A stellar day in the Cloud house!

More tomorrow,


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am in science mode. I just finished assembling not one but two science fair projects. My class did a project together (but I had to create the board). And child 1 completed his experiment over the weekend, so we had to get it together tonight. Unfortunately, he had a two hour baseball game, so it is a late night for both of us! (He is in bed by now...not that late :)

I have a whole list of things to share, but I may only get to the tip of the iceberg. I am wiped out tonight. Mark was with child 1 at that two hour game, and I was home with the other three kiddos. One kiddo in particular was just having a hard time dealing with life. He thought he needed a "nack" about thirty minutes before dinner was ready. He wanted to go "night night" but really only wanted a pacifier. He has also learned how to climb, as in pull things over to where he wants to get (especially the light switches). I am so not ready for that! Anyway, I think Mr. Difficult has a cold or allergies. He was coughing, a bit wheezy, and overly tired. He actually asked to go to bed...without a book. I happily obliged. :) Hopefully tomorrow he will be back to his goofy old self.

I just have to brag on child 1 (which always leads to bad things, like the next day totally negating any and all that I say). He gets up every day and immediately puts on his glasses. We never have to ask, bed, plead, threaten. He wears them unless he is going out to play. Tonight he did play baseball for the first time with them on his face. I know he was a bit nervous but we assured him that the likelihood of getting hit by a baseball in the eye was pretty slim. I don't know that it made a huge difference when he played, but I do think he is seeing the ball better!

Did I mention that I took the big kids to our local high school to watch their "musical" called "Back to the 80's" last Saturday? It was a fun play with a lot of 80's references and several 80's songs. Of course, that is my era, so it meant even more to me. But even the "big kids" just enjoyed the entertainment. That high school group is a talented one!

I should have some fun pictures later tonight. Child 3's class is putting on a performance about a circus. Guess who one of the clowns is?

Ugh. I wanted to share some more, but my energy has runneth out. I have nothing left. Better go!

Nighty night!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Family Night

What a day it was. A doozy of a day. I won't say much more than that, but it was one day I just felt like my head was spinning in awe of events. 'Nuff said about that...

Tonight was the first night all week we were ALL home at the same time. If you know me at all, I treasure those times. I am a homebody (though I love traveling too...go figure). I am happiest when we are all together. That is why Child 1's baseball schedule is so tough on me. It isn't that I am not happy for him to play a team score. I want to encourage him in his interests. It is just that it is such a hectic schedule...our family time is greatly reduced. Thus, tonight, I felt the need for FAMILY NIGHT.

After the day, I just couldn't face making a dinner (which would have involved a trip to the grocery store, something else I couldn't face with the crew). Thankfully I have a husband who doesn't question me on that, he just says, "Where do you want to go?" While waiting for him to get home from work, we just came home and headed outdoors. I have some more pictures of my little monkeys that I will share tomorrow. Tonight I am miserable (as in ate too much) and don't feel like walking into the kitchen to get the camera card. :)

The weather has just been beautiful. The kind of beautiful where I just want to stop time. I know it won't last. Soon the rains will come or the temps will get really hot. But for today, I enjoyed it.

I just lounged (which emotionally was all I could do at that point...did I mention it was a doozy of a day???) while the girls and Child 4 played. (Child 1 was at my parents' house enjoying time with them)

When Mark came home, we hopped in the car, stopped by to pick up Child 1, and let Family Night begin. We went to a Tex Mex restaurant that recently opened up near our house. While Mexican food is probably not my favorite cuisine, with the kids, it is perfect (except for Child 1 who complains a lot...he doesn't like it at all). We get baskets of chips immediately. With the youngest, who right now is only living in the here and now, the chips are a manna from heaven. Okay, maybe not quite that big, but then again, have you seen the child when he doesn't get his "nack" right away?

We got pretty tickled at dinner time. Child 4 was in his cheesy mode. He played "peekaboo" with a man at a nearby table (who thankfully goes to our church). He kept "making eyes" at the waitress. At one point, I noticed he was turned around putting on a show. I realized there were a few of the female restaurant staff members standing there just giggling watching him. (I always wonder about their thoughts, since a couple of them were obviously Latino...what do they think of this little Hispanic kid with a very white family?) It was quite entertaining.

After dinner, we headed home. When we got home, we took a family walk which is one of my favorite activities. I get the 30 minutes of exercise and enjoy time with the family. It started off a little rough, but once that child calmed down, it was very enjoyable. One child rode her bike, another rode a scooter, the third ran from driveway to driveway, and we just tried to keep up. And the youngest just loves walks. One of our favorite parts was watching Child 3 run ahead of us. She runs to a driveway then (somewhat) waits for our approval to go to the next one. We watched her little legs run as fast as she could, free like the wind. And we found ourselves reminiscing about when she came home (26 months old) and couldn't run at all. Well, she ran, but it was a very clumsy run. She just hadn't had a lot of practice. Now she is one spry kiddo!

When we came home, the kids started begging for dessert. By that time it was 8 or so which is a normal bedtime (or get ready for bedtime) time. But on Family Night, anything goes. So one child finished his cake up, another ate a really large cookie from school, the big kids had ice cream, and I had leftover frosting on graham crackers. Hmmmm, that may be why I am feeling so very miserable now. I should have stopped at I think I may have to walk a few extra miles tomorrow.

Finally, the kids got into bed. Mark went to Blockbuster and picked up a couple of movies for us. Very rare treat. We hardly ever rent (or watch) movies. We just watched Fireproof. I have been told by many friends to watch it but have been hesitant. I adored Kirk Cameron as a teen. ADORED. As in dreamt of him every night. It just seemed weird to me to watch him on the screen while I was sitting with my current love. :) But I got past it. The acting was a bit cheesy which I was expecting. But the message...well, it was a good "together" movie to watch.

I realize I am rambling and wandering a bit. I really need to get to bed. Tomorrow life gets hectic again with a baseball game, errands, yardwork, and science experiments. But for tonight...just for was Family Night!

Nighty night!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Startling Revelation...

Okay, I knew there was something I wanted to add to my last entry. No, I am NOT pregnant! :)

It is just that I finally sat down and did the math as far as the grades our kids are in school. And I discovered that when the oldest is a junior, we will have four kids in four different schools (barring any unforeseen circumstances). And to make it even better, our schools have staggered starting times, mine being the earliest...

What were we thinking???

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Zero to Ninety...

You might be thinking the title is related to our youngest, and it very well could be, but....

I have been a little out of pocket.. I feel like a slacker with my entries here. And though I have read most of the blogs I visit in recent days, I am behind on commenting which I like to do. Why? It is the changing of the seasons...

We have been pulling tubs of clothes down from the attic for spring/summer. Meanwhile, I also have been pulling the fall/winter clothes. (In some ways that sounds simple, but it isn't...I have a "charity" pile, a "garage sale" pile, a return to friends pile, and a "save for next year" pile. Nothing is simple. (And for the oldest daughter, it means shopping and finding clothes since she has outgrown last year's wardrobe)

The switching of the seasons takes some time, and honestly I haven't been too aggressive with it. It wasn't that long ago we had snow and very cold temps. I knew this week we would see some warmer temps, so I have been hurrying the process along. However, we went from "zero" (cold and frigid temps) to "ninety" (okay, not really ninety but it feels like that after the cold temps) in a matter of days. Today was rather warm. Thankfully I have almost taken care of the girls and am finishing up child 4's. Maybe my own wardrobe can be next. :)

It has been a trying few days. The youngest is a full fledge toddler. He says "no" before he even finds out what I want him to do. Child 3 is going through a rough spot. We are just dealing with normal school/kid stuff with the older two (and constant bickering). Some days I just crumble to the floor by the end of the night. The constant decision making, the solutions for how to take care of different situations, the managing of time (especially with the baseball schedule)...sometimes it is overwhelming. I don't have any answers to it all, just thinking out loud... :)

I better get up and moving. I know, not a real entry today...tonight I will do this first rather than trying to do it as I fight sleep at night. Well, that is my goal anyway! :)


Treading Water

I want so much to feel like I have it all together. But I know otherwise. I know that many days I am just treading water, trying to keep my head above so I don't drown. Does anyone else ever feel like that?

It was another hectic day. School was good. Things just started to unravel once I picked up the little ones. The youngest for some reason wants a "nack" as soon as he gets in the car. It doesn't matter if he just ate one at his babysitter's house. He starts off chanting, "Nack, nack..." Then he gets louder and very desperate. I always tell him that we will have one when we get home which either brings loud screams of "Nack" or a big burst of tears. I would kind of understand except that I know he does "nack" at Ms. A's house. And this just started about a week ago. Furthermore, when we get home (after maybe ten/fifteen minutes), I give him one and he will eat just a bit and be done.

And I won't name any names, but somebody did NOT have a good day today which means Mommy didn't have such a good day either...

Once home, I bustled around working on dishes, making dinner, sorting through winter/fall clothes, laundry, etc. Meanwhile, Mark came home for a few (and I do mean "few") minutes, just in time to whisk Child 1 off to baseball practice. While he was gone, I continued working on clothes, fed dinner to everyone at home, and maneuvered the many toys and books that Child 4 felt the need to spread around the house. Some days it is like crossing through a minefield...

Anyway, we survived. But I am in that mode, survival mode. I just feel like I am treading water and barely (very barely) staying afloat.

Meanwhile, I have all of these blog posts, titles, and updates in my mind that I really want to share. But right now, sleep calls me...


Monday, April 20, 2009

The Energizer Bunny...

We keep going, and going, and going...

After testing, preparing, cooking, decorating, and "partying" (as much as you do with a 2 year old :), parts of me just wanted to collapse. But a mom's work is never done. I needed to open boxes/remove toys from all of those twistie ties. There was clean up. Time to visit with family (enjoyed that part). Time to visit with a friend (enjoyed that one too). Then Saturday night I took Child 2 on a hunt for clothes. She was in big need of spring/summer clothing. Meme (Mark's mom) went with us which was fun. (Then Meme and Papaw had to leave...we miss you guys!)

Sunday we had church of course. Lunch out (it was all I could manage after the week). Afternoon nap...much needed. Then I took the oldest on a "date" to see Monsters vs. Aliens. The Friday before had been Mom/Son Game Night at school. Unfortunately I was knee deep in frosting and cake at the time, and I begged for a rain check. Thus our date last night. Movies are a rare treat, though I always enjoy going (especially for the popcorn). We had a fun time together. He even thanked me on his own free will.

Today, after school, I had to run and get a few snacks for school. Then off to pick kids up, then back to the school to pick Child 2 up from science club. We came home for a bit then got dressed up for a banquet (Mark and I that is). In the meantime, Mark ran Child 1 to baseball practice/game where thankfully my dad was gracious enough to fill in since we had a banquet to be at during the same time period. We dropped the other kids off with Grams and headed to the banquet. Since getting home, I have been working on organizing clothes/switching out the seasons. Ahhh yes, it has been a hectic last few weeks. Do you think it will get better???


Monday, April 13, 2009

Can I Have a Shake With That?

I was actually prepared to come here for a little pity party. As you know, last week was a rough week. This week doesn't promise to be much better. My friends who are hurting for various reasons are still hurting. And testing continues for the older kids this week. It wouldn't seem like this would affect me, but it does. I have a sub coming in (thankfully it is our wonderful kindergarten aide) every morning starting tomorrow so I can go test a small group (only certified teachers can administer it). That means sub plans and a change in schedule (which can cause a lot of energy in young students). We also have shortened activity times (planning time for me). Throw in some feelings of isolation (like at the Easter egg is not easy to socialize when you are chasing a toddler around) and some other frustrations...well, I was ready to wallow in my sorrows.

Except tonight was pretty pleasant. I haven't had a chance to do a big grocery shopping trip, so Mark ran to the store to pick up some odds and ends. We ended up deciding on hamburgers at the last minute for dinner. Unfortunately, it was REALLY cold and dreary out today. So we decided to use Mark's new griddle (which worked fine...not quite the same but much easier in weather like this). We also threw some shoestring fries in the oven (yum). Child 1 started wishing that there was a Metro that would take us to DC/Georgetown so he could have Johnny Rockets' milkshake with his burger. I started thinking, "Why not?" Now, I am sure that doesn't sound like a big deal, but I really don't think I have ever made shakes for the kids. We pick them up sometimes for dessert or dinner, but we don't make them. Luckily we had some real ice cream (as opposed to my low fat ice cream) and chocolate syrup. So I pulled out the blender and whipped up some shakes while Mark finished the burgers and fries. The kids thought it was all the greatest thing ever (and said it was just like Johnny Rocket's...).

After dinner, we watched part of Annie. You know, like the classic orphan movie, Annie. Our older daughter got it in her Easter basket. First of all, as soon as we started watching, it all came back to me. I totally remember that movie, and it is just like I remember. I can break out in most of those songs (not pleasant to hear but I know the words). However, I will also say that the movie takes on a totally different meaning when two of your children are adopted. Early in the movie, Ms. Hannigan (sp?) says under her breath, "I don't know why anyone would want to be an orphan." And my heart hurt to hear those words. Interestingly enough, my kids did not once make a connection between that orphanage and where Child 3 came from. I am thankful for that! (Child 1 did get a little indignant though about the way the girls were treated...he is my legalistic kid :)

Even sweeter was the youngest. All of the kids were sweet tonight, but he was extra cuddly tonight. He just wanted to be held, not in a whiny way or clingy, but just in an "I missed you" way. (He did that with both of us) I will always take extra snuggle time. I really enjoyed it.

Oh, did I tell you what my sweet daughter said? Our Sunday School teacher told Child 3 she looked pretty yesterday. Then she told Child 3 I looked pretty too. My dear daughter responded with, "Yeah, but I look prettier than she does." Gotta love the honesty of a four year old! (Of course, why would she look prettier? Because Mommy spent all of her time and money on the kids not herself...)

Oh, and have I mentioned Child 4's latest favorite word? "Why?" Really? Isn't he a bit young for that???

I know this is short, but I am feeling sleepy. I better get ready for bed. I have testing to do tomorrow. Have a good night!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


It was a hard week. No ifs, ands, or buts. It wasn't that it was such a hard week for me (other than testing my kiddos which is a little bit of work...more on that later), but it was a hard week for several friends and co-workers. One situation especially has been weighing on my heart and distresses me as a mom, as a friend, as a woman. But then there have been several other stresses and difficulties right there with it.

I remember as a child I would hear grown ups talk about waiting for Christ's return one day. Though I have believed in Him, in heaven, in His return for several years, as a young child and even as a young adult, I could not understand that longing to leave this earth. I wanted to experience being married, having children, the joys of life. And there are those things...many joys. However, as I get older (and some of this may be facing my 20 year high school reunion this year), I realize more and more that there are many heartaches in life as well. And as I feel my heart ache (which comes nowhere close the heartaches of those I know dealing directly with the pains of life), I understand. I look forward to a day of no more tears, no more sin, no more hurts, no more fears. I keep thinking of the words I have sung, "This world is not my own..." and it is true.

The funny thing (not really funny as in haha, but as in ironic) that this year I am not in the "Oh, happy Easter!" mood. This year the story is more to me about redemption, about suffering, about overcoming evil. The words "Let this cup pass from me..." have a whole new meaning to me, as do the words, "It is finished".

I do want to thank so many of you who are praying. There are so many in need of that right now.

Sorry to be so serious. It has just been the way life has been recently. Thursday night I crashed at 11...unheard of for me. And last night, I rolled over around 10:30 (if that late), and fell asleep, clothes and all. I am thankful for a husband who takes up the slack over and over again on days I just cannot (even if it means giving up a baseball game or two...).

Today though is a beautiful day. The sun is shining (at least for today, I think tomorrow is going to involve a lot of rain). We are hoping to do a couple activities outside that I think the kids will enjoy. Then we will spend some time with my family decorating some eggs. Even in the darkest hours (hence my "funk" which relates to the title which I really do try to tie to the events of our lives), there is a hope.

More later!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heavy Burdens

I cannot write much tonight. I feel like such a failure as a blogger the last two weeks. It has just been a really busy time. It is almost 11 and I am falling asleep which is quite strange for me!

I do want to ask for prayer. I don't want to be specific, partly to protect the lives and stories of others. But the other reason is that it is not for just one person in my life. I just have a few friends going through some very difficult times (all different circumstances). God knows the details. I would just ask that you pray and if God gives you any wisdom, let me know. I want so much to know how to help, and yet I don't know where to start. I keep reminding myself "God is good...all of the time."

I must go to sleep. More later!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Testing, Testing...

This week is testing week for K-2 in our schools. It is always a hectic week. We have to cover the walls (which is a chore in itself), rearrange schedules, etc. Really, the kids don't mind it much. We make it a positive experience. It all wears me out though! So all that to say, this may be short.

Okay, other than a little fit when it was time for child 4 to come home (he was playing outside when I picked him up...hmm...outside or stuck in a make the choice. :), he had a much better afternoon. We had to stop by the eye clinic because Child 1's nosepad had fallen off. Yes, it has been less than a week. I will say he has been faithful to wear them and he really treats them well. Not sure what happened with the nosepad, but I think it just came off. Anyway, we had to do a little creative entertaining for Child 4. There is only so much to see in an eyeglass shop. :) Thankfully, there were a couple of Razorbacks ('Back! 'Back!), bunnies, eggs, and a tree. We went over and over those things several times. Our other entertainment was a ringing phone. He started searching the room for it when he heard it, calling out, "Telephone, telephone". (not quite that clear though) Lest it sound like an ideal outing, it wasn't. Another child who will remain anonymous was in a mood. That child tends to "wander" and was warned to stay near. That child did not and was required to sit in a chair next to me. Big crocodile tears and a couple of stern words (tears...child, Really, is it too much to ask for an uneventful outing?

We had a yummy dinner (actually cooked though everything inside of me screamed "pizza"), then Child 1 and Mark left for Child 1's first baseball game. We will all go to some of them, but tonight's was a late game. I had three children who really needed sleep (Child 2 is also testing this week). Apparently Child 1's team did win. He was walked twice and scored at least one run. Mark said he also threw the best throw he had ever seen. Way to go, #1! (not being vain really...that is his number)

Tonight we just had a nice family night. It was one of those times I wanted to freeze time. (Okay, it would have been better with the big boys being home, but it was still fun) Child 4 was extra cuddly and even just wanted to sit in my lap for a while, a very rare treat. And one of the sweetest moments was listening to our older daughter read a Bible story to her little sister (I had read her bedtime story but then had to give the youngest a bath since he indicated quite loudly HE was ready) as I bathed Child 4. It was just precious to hear.

Speaking of precious, my sleep is precious too. I better go. More bubbling tomorrow (standardized tests).
PS If you happened to watch 18 Kids and Counting on TLC tonight, that family (the Duggars) live in our area. And the ice storm you saw on the show was exactly everything we dealt with back in February. It was kind of strange seeing it on t.v.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Scales of Justice...

tipped over for me this week. I have always heard about crime victims feeling like the system failed them. However, call me a Pollyanna, I always had a bit more faith in it...until this week.

I have been checking out the county detention center which posts trial dates for current inmates. I knew that at least one of our burglars had an upcoming trial scheduled for this past week. A couple of weeks ago (before DC), Mark started trying to call the prosecutor's office so we could find out what was going on. After all we had already been through just with Mark trying to get back our camera (2 trips and a couple hours later to a nearby police department) because it looked like the only way we would get it back), I guess I should not have been that surprised. Mark ended up calling for two weeks, off and on. Finally he talked to someone yesterday.

We learned that the driver of the "getaway car" was exonerated. All charges dropped, like they didn't happen. Apparently there wasn't enough evidence? Apparently Mark meeting him in our driveway waiting for the guy who climbed in our window to come out wasn't enough. Not that anyone would know that. We were never once contacted about this case after the day of the burglary. We both had been half expecting Mark to be called to testify. Or at least give a statement. Apparently that wasn't necessary. The other guy did get jail time, but we really don't know much more than that. Maybe I will read it in the paper and find out how much. Mark asked about restitution. A police officer friend had told me that we should get that at least. He said it may take years, but they would have to be required to pay us back. I really liked that idea. It isn't about the is more that to me if you take someone's things, you should be required to pay it back. We teach our kids that at a young age. Anyway, when Mark was finally able to talk to a real person rather than a voicemail, he was told that because the "robber" was in jail, he wasn't required to pay restitution. I am still scratching my head trying to figure out how that pays us back for any of our stuff.

As you may or may not be able to tell from my tone, I am more than a little annoyed with the judicial system. I am not saying I wanted the book thrown at anyone. And I do realize our case was small in comparison with so much else going on. However, I do believe that victims of crimes have few rights. I wanted the opportunity to address a judge as well as our burglars (both of them) and let them know what consequences their actions brought to our family and our home. How we lost not only a few material things but our sense of security that will never fully be replaced. How our daughter puts on a brave front but still will bring up the robbery amid discussions, bringing me to tears each time. I feel like we should have been involved in the prosecution (or at least kept informed about it) from the very beginning. Instead it took numerous phone calls on our part (as well as unanswered e-mails) to learn this disappointing news. I hate that the money we could be using for some other things, things of our choice, is now going to our new security system's monthly charges. And I will admit, I feel victimized twice. Once by the robbers, once by the court systems. I know that nothing I say or do will change things; I just wish I had been given the chance to speak.

Moving on...
Child 1 put his glasses on first thing this morning and has worn them most of the day except when he has been outside. I really think he needs them for baseball but he is terrified of breaking them and refuses. I think he would be amazed at how much better he would be able to see the ball. I think he is just now beginning to realize that the world looks a little different than he thought it did!
I had a wonderful Girls' Night Out. We went to a local restaurant and just enjoyed eating and talking and laughing. I think those times are so very important but they are so difficult to coordinate! Everyone's lives are so busy and there are kids and housework and jobs...Anyway, I am just thankful we were able to get together. I am thankful for friends with kids who are going through some of the same things we are handling at our home. I am thankful for advice and thankful for the gift of laughter. Most of all, I am thankful for a common faith, a common desire to know Him...what is that saying? Iron sharpens iron? Thank you, girls, for loving me (in spite of me) and for challenging me as a woman/daughter of Christ.

We are going to visit (later today) with our friends Carol and John who already have the Panasonic Living in HD equipment to get an idea of what we need to do furniture wise to be ready for our new toys! I am looking forward to it!

I really need to switch out the girls' clothing. Unfortunately tomorrow another cold front is supposedly moving in which means the good weather is going to be gone...again! I don't even know how to prepare for Easter in the clothing department!

Oh, I don't think I even shared about our craziness yesterday afternoon. I just happened to glance at my phone at one point and see that I had a text message, which is fairly rare. I found out that Swim Ranch (our local swimming lesson location that my kids have gone to since age 6 months) registration had started. Last year, Mark had to wait a couple of hours I think in hopes that we could get a spot. (It is harder for us to secure lessons since we have four kiddos taking and want them at the same time/same week) Anyway, I let Mark know right away and thankfully he was able to drive out there. I think this year the wait was only 30 minutes or so. I am so grateful for that man for doing that for us each year. Thankfully we are fairly flexible as far as dates go, and we were able to secure lessons for all kids. For a while though, I was on pins and needles...

Better go. Our busy little boy is starting to stir. Have a good night!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

On Strike

I am apparently on strike from exercise this week. I haven't exercised one time this week. The first couple days were really hectic with paperwork, photo albums, etc. I just ran out of time. And I haven't felt very well in the evenings (hmmm, could it be the pistachios I am eating after reading that some pistachios are being RECALLED?). And I am just tired. So I am taking the week off (thankfully I did all that walking last week, so my muscles won't completely turn to mush...).

I am looking forward to a Girl's Night Out tonight with some friends from church. It has been a long time since I have done anything like that!

Yesterday I found myself hoping ALL day it would rain. One child had gymnastics, another had baseball. It becomes quite a decision what to do with the little people when we have to be two places at once. Not to mention though I had done well with meals this week, I had failed to get my barbecue sandwiches going in the crockpot yesterday, so I had nothing for dinner. I was very grateful when I looked outside around 2 and saw the heavens open up and water pour down! Baseball was canceled, I took Child 2 to gymnastics, and then we had a little Catfish Hole for dinner. (Well, not a little...I was miserable because I ate a few more crab legs than I should have)

This week I filled out school enrollment cards for not one, not two, but three kiddos! Yes, I got Child 3 registered for school. That same day, she came to me and announced that her teacher had told her that she was ready for kindergarten. (I hadn't told her anything about registering because I knew she wouldn't understand what I meant) I think she thought she was going right away.

I really need to get ready for the day, but here are a few things I want to record because I am afraid I will not remember them later if I don't. I really do hope to get back into my regular blogging routine this next week (though it is testing week, but all of that has to be done at school is just a bit stressful). Anyway, here goes:

I want to remember how fun Child 4 has been, even with all of his "no's" which we do hear all day long. I want to remember how we go back and forth, his answer being no each time, until I threaten the time out chair, and then he says in a defeated but pleasant little voice, "Otay". I want to remember how he has become our little drama king, overemphasizing each facial expression, such as the pouty lip, when he really wants something.

I want to remember how Child 3 has become fascinated with the idea that I could ever have been anything but a mom (such as a young child) she argued over and over with Lauren that I was never a baby and has been in a state of shock since I told her I really was. Now I am getting questions all day like "Whose tummy were you in?" and "Which room was your room when you were a baby?" She is also having a hard time processing how I could have ever possibly lived in a different house!

I want to remember how Child 2s passion for reading has ignited in the last year. Our school has AR (Accelerated Reader) points which for Big Brother were not really that motivating (though he also has a passion for reading for different reasons). Well, this child loves a prize. And she has taken delight in getting as many AR points as she can. Somehow in the midst of all that, she discovered that she loved to read!

Finally, I want to remember how excited Child 1 is about his glasses (which should be ready today). I hope and pray that he sees the world in a different way after getting them and finds them a necessary tool even on the days he doesn't really feel like wearing them.

There is so much more, but I have got to go. Have a great Friday!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin'

If you know me at all, you probably know that I am not big on the April Fool's Day thing. I did participate as a child. Now that I am a grown up and have dealt with numerous "tricks" by my own children as well as the school children, it moved WAY down on my list of holidays (if you can call it that). So no tricks here. :)

Just wanted to stop in and say we are alive and kicking. It has been a really long week. Not a bad week, just long. I have been buried in paperwork for school while also trying to take care of some things at home (like a birthday, Easter, etc). I have so many things I want to record, especially "funnies" from the kids, but they will have to wait.

Tonight is the BIG grand finale of ER which I have watched for ages. So maybe if I am not too wrapped up in that, I can do a more proper entry...maybe. :)