Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday...Easter version

Okay, so I am a bit behind.

It is probably not going to be any better for the rest of the school year.

This is the time of year I feel like I am riding on a roller coaster...this is the part where we are going really fast and I am just holding on and praying we make it to the end. :)

Anyway, I do have a few things to be thankful for.

  • My dentist. Not that I really want to go but when I have a toothache (which thankfully isn't often), he is the one I need to see. I went in and he fixed me up. I appreciate that he is honest with me and also very conservative. He doesn't do the "high money" procedures...he does what he thinks is the right thing. We are both hoping that the fix I had works.  I can't quite tell yet. I am feeling more hopeful today but there is still a small possibility of a root canal in my future. Hopefully next week I will be thankful that this seems to have worked. :)
  • Trips by myself to the grocery store. Those are a rare treat!
  • Eating out with the family. We used to do that fairly often but with a child's food sensitivities, it is now a special treat.  
  • The first shaved ice date of the season.  We went on one of the coldest days of the week. But I still enjoyed every minute. And every bite of my Hog Wild.
  • Ibuprofen.  I am not a big medicine taker but with the tooth, I have been SOOOO thankful for the ibuprofen which has gotten me through the days.
  • Spring cleaning.  I still have a lot to do but we are getting there.
  • Child 1's job shadow experience. It was just a perfect fit for him; he enjoyed every single moment. And that makes this momma's heart happy.
  • The generosity of my girls. They have been "making" Easter gifts all week for the people in our house.  Very sweet.
  • Rain.  I am hopeful that we will start seeing some green after all of this rain.
  • Sunshine...especially Friday afternoon when we had our Easter Egg Hunt at school.
  • The growing friendship between child 1 and child 2.  It gives me hope!
  • A rare Wednesday night at home together.  
  • A new bag of pistachios in my Easter bag from my parents...just in time since I had just eaten up my other bag!
  • A new pan rack (to hold my cookie sheets)
  • My hubby picking up the big kids so I could Zumba longer the other day.  That was a treat!
  • And of course, my Savior.  Because without Him, I would not have ANYTHING to celebrate, to be thankful for, to hope.  He is the reason I live now and will continue to live forever. I don't deserve it.  I can't earn it. Yet He loves me enough to send a Son to die and rise again for me.
Happy Easter!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

And Just Like That...

Spring Break is over.

Where did the week go?

Actually, I know where it went.

It went to...

  • afternoon naps (all but one day)
  • catching up on some of my newspaper reading...some
  • organizing my kitchen
  • organizing some closets
  • organizing my recipes
  • organizing the kids' bathroom (and planning how to "grow it up a bit"
  • buying a new kitchen was time for the Christmas one to go :)
  • blogging
  • playing with a little puppy
  • Sorry games
  • a movie day with the cousins
  • fun at the park (pre-snow)
  • pinning recipes and school sites
  • answering e-mails
  • exercising
  • reading books with the kids
  • a major toothache.  Oh, I still have that.
  • cleaning off some "hot spots"
  • a date night with the hubby
  • eating pretend play dough food
  • Easter dress shopping with the girls
  • menu planning/grocery shopping
  • LOTS of cooking
  • responding to my jury duty notice
  • cleaning up the kitchen. Over and over and over
  • cleaning the cabinet under the kitchen sink
  • vacuuming dust bunnies
  • laundry
  • visiting my sister (and her kids)
  • texting friends
I know a lot of people had a much more exciting spring break than I did. I have seen the pictures and the updates on Facebook.

But I am not complaining.

Other than the yucky weather, I wouldn't change a thing about our spring break.

We enjoyed time as a family.

We got some organizing and spring cleaning done.

We rested.

We truly took a break.

Now it is back to school...let the last quarter whirlwind begin!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Spring Break Version

My spring break is almost over.

I can't really say I am thankful for that...

I mean, I love my job.

But I have loved being home this week.

Yes, and the kids are even here. :)

But I can find some things I AM thankful for this week...

  • a husband that takes care of me when I have a toothache
  • a patient dog that tolerates a LOT in our house (from our kids...or one in particular)
  • boiled chicken. I get two chicken meals and TONS of chicken broth from one boiled chicken
  • Pinterest (most of my meal was a Pinterest meal tonight :)
  • some maturing we see happening with child 3
  • running into one of my former students at the park the other day. She is a junior in high school now.  Where did the time go?
  • clean closets and cabinets.  I still have a lot to do but I have gotten a lot done (with the exception of today). If you had told me last year at this time that I would ever get to do any kind of household chore without constant interruption or chaos, I would have laughed. :)
  • hot rolls from the oven
  • the bonds between my children. I question them at times. And sometimes they seem non-existent. But many times this week I have found that they are there. They just get buried sometimes. :)
  • warm weather. Not today but earlier this week.
  • a dinner date with my hubby
  • having my children take care of me this morning when I felt very ill
  • not feeling ill any more. :)
  • time with my sister and nephew/nieces
  • watching my girls play with their cousin
  • watching Child 1 play basketball with his cousin at the park
  • Child 1's sense of humor...he is genuinely just a fun kid
  • listening to Child 4 read me books
  • my heating pad (for the toothache)
  • medicine (called in by my dentist until I can get my tooth taken care of :)
  • afternoon naps
  • my ipod. I love listening to my music (a variety) during my nap
  • the blooming trees
I know I could come up with more but even on spring break, I need to get a little rest.

How about you?

What are you thankful for this week?


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Breakin'...


It is spring break!

Well, it is spring vacation.

No, that isn't right either.

At home with four kids, it isn't really a break or a vacation. :)

It is just spring "out of school". 

I am somewhat teasing.

I love my job, love my class, love teaching.

But I know the students were ready for some time off, and so was I.

Even at home with four kids.

No, no big plans.

For a brief time, I considered a family trip to San Antonio (on my "must see" list).  Or Kansas City.

But in the end, we decided to hang out.  At home.

And I am thankful for that since some family is coming to visit.

We always love time with the cousins.

So, no official plans for spring break.

A spring break that may actually feel like spring this year.

But I always have unofficial plans.

Things like...
  • Catching up on blogging (or or the other. Depends on my mood :)
  • Afternoon naps
  • A pedicure at some time. My old pedicure has grown out now to the end of my toenails
  • Trying new recipes
  • Organizing.  Lots of organizing.  And getting rid of things we don't need.
  • Exercise.
  • Getting outside with the kids.
  • Maybe a few "around town" activities. Like the library.  Or short hikes.
  • Games with the kids (board games, that is)
  • Catching up on reading newspapers
  • Beginning the "clothes" switching of the season
  • A little shopping here and there
  • Lesson planning
  • Catching up on DVR'ed shows
  • Grocery shopping
  • Not setting my alarm clock for the week!
Exciting, I know. :)

What are your plans for the week?


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finally Friday (and Thankful Thursday)

It has been a humdinger of a week.

I will just leave it at that.

I have been emotionally drained much of the week which usually results in physically drained.

So my computer time has been limited.

But I do want to have a Thankful Thursday (though I am most thankful it is finally Friday :).

Even in the midst of the "yuck".

And there was a lot of that this week...

Yuck, I mean...

  • a night out with a good friend.  We literally shut the restaurant down.  After I practically licked my dishes clean, we talked and talked.  At one point, we realized how quiet it was in the restaurant.  We glanced at the clock.  Oops.  They had closed 25 minutes prior.  Oops!
  • conversations with the friend mentioned above who makes me feel more normal as a mom.
  • a deposit made on a beach house for a week this summer...can't wait!
  • Husband and child 2's safe trip to Little Rock
  • finding out a friend/former co-worker is coming for a visit next week.
  • a husband who encourages me when I am facing tough times
  • middle of the day lunch dates with my main man
  • a puppy curled up next to me in the mornings
  • Encouraging former parents (via Facebook)
  • my students from last year who still make me feel like a rock star every time they see me
  • a new apron (for school...they are a necessity when I have lunch duty)
  • beautiful sunsets
  • the warmer weather
  • Google which helped me find a recipe for something I needed
  • after school Zumba sessions with co-workers. Fun and healthy!
  • running errands without kids
  • that my computer hasn't fallen off my lap when I have fallen asleep at it (like I did yet again last night)
  • a mom who listens to me when I have an unexpected (and embarrassing) mommy breakdown on a rough day while we are on the phone
  • homemade pear sauce.  Not so much for me but my kids love it and it is so easy.  And even better, my food sensitive kid can eat it.
  • shakes and popcorn night (tonight!) which gives me a little cooking break
  • pillow talk with my honey.  Sometimes that is our only chance to really talk without the wee hours of the night when everyone else is asleep.
  • listening to the birds chirping when I wake up
  • Springing forward on our clocks. I don't like losing an hour of sleep but maybe it isn't the sleep I am losing. Maybe it is an hour of arguing children.  Or an hour of cleaning. :)  I LOVE the longer days...does wonders for my mood.
  • Teachers who love my kids in spite of themselves.
  • My students who truly make me smile even on inside recess days.
  • The parents of my students who support their children and me
  • My weight. I am sure I could lose a little more.  But overall, I am pleased with where I am, what I can eat right now (to maintain), and how I feel.
  • Finished blog entries :)
So, there it is.  A little late, a little long.  But from the heart.

What are you thankful for this week?