Monday, September 13, 2010

I Wonder...

I need to do a quick post because I am supposed to be sleeping right now. And I am headed that way. Really, I am...Nothing like starting the week off with a sleep deficit.

Thought I would do a random post...things I wonder about. These won't be serious or in depth at all. I could spend all day wondering about world peace, the state of the economy, social issues. Instead, I find myself wondering about the simpler things in life. Things like...
  • I wonder why a child will drop their dinner plate on a newly mopped floor every single time?
  • I wonder why things will be nice and quiet until I shut the bathroom door...suddenly everyone needs to speak to me?
  • I wonder where the missing socks disappear to in the washer/dryer? (I have a whole basket of unmatched socks)
  • I wonder why the kids feels the need to just drop their clothes on the floor rather than in the laundry basket just a few feet away?
  • I wonder why we always get a warm/hot spell after I have packed away summer clothing? (Wondering in advance because living in Arkansas, I surely know not to do it this early...)
  • I wonder why my kids always act like turkeys the day after I have shared something good about them with others?
  • I wonder why when I start these entries at night, it double spaces my "bullets" but when I try to finish it in the morning, it single spaces them?
  • I wonder why my kids' belongings seem to find their way to my bedroom...stuffed animals, books, bike accessories...?
  • I wonder how I ended up with such LOUD children when we are not really loud parents?
  • I wonder why you hurt as much (if not more) than your kids when they are hurt?
  • I wonder why I always hit every single red light when I am running late?
  • I wonder why the same children who can bring me to my knees in prayer and frustration can also make my heart sing with a simple act of love?

I could wonder all day long but I must get up and ready for school. What do you wonder? (Only lighthearted answers on a Monday. :)


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