Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Sunset Project

I mentioned not long ago that the sunsets recently have just captivated me. They continue to do so.

This fascination in God's artwork each night has developed into the Sunset Project for me.

Basically, I try to capture the sunset each night via camera. I considered setting up a separate blog and posting a picture daily but I am not sure there are many out there who are interested in an unprofessional photographer's poor attempt to capture the beauty of the skies every night.

Still, I click away on the camera. The main reason is because it makes me stop and take just a few minutes each day to truly behold and consider God's greatness. It also is a reminder to me that there is beauty around even when I cannot see it (like after a rough week of allergies, conferences, and other health stuff). Even our little guy often runs out with me to take pictures (I promise my neighbors I am not crazy or stalking...just trying to get a photo of the sky), exclaiming, "It is so beautiful, huh, Mommy?"

And it is.

Here are just a few pics from recent days. Remember, I do not claim to be a photographer. And I am pretty sure no camera could truly do it justice...but I try anyway. :)The cloud in the sky absolutely amaze me. They are so beautiful, especially with the sunlight behind them!

I love that you can actually see the rays of the sun in this one.
More later,


  1. While you may or may not have many blog followers on your Sunset Project blog, would you get satisfaction from a separate blog? You could even do a Sunset Project blog book one day :-) I know I get caught up in how many follow my blog, but ultimately my blog is more than followers. It's about my family, our life, our journey and how much I enjoy blogging.

    Just a little food for thought.

  2. You have great sunset pictures. You should consider another blog it would be a great idea.

  3. Beautiful, lately I think they've been especially breathtaking. I love how God reveals Himself in nature and love that you are not dismissing it as ordinary.


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