Friday, February 7, 2014

Thankful Thursday is Back!

I have had a Thankful Thursday post brewing for a little while.  Except then it wasn't Thursday (Thankful Monday didn't sound right).  And then I wasn't so thankful. Now, here we are. Back to Thursday. And today I am thankful.  Mostly. :)

So, what am I thankful for today?
  • Heat.  Definitely.  We got our heat back early last week.  We are enjoying every minute. It is still not fully functioning (and we are dreading the gas bill) but it is so wonderful to be warm once again.
  • A prayer. A simple but life-changing prayer from a child of ours.
  • Heated seats. Oh, how I love my heated seats.
  • Safety this morning. The roads were icier than I thought (as we returned to school after three snow days this week). I did a little slipping and sliding but managed to stay mostly on the road.
  • A sweet friendship for one of our kiddos.
  • A full pantry and fridge on snow days.
  • Progress with the house.
  • Sweet notes from dear friends.
  • Vacation possibilities.
  • Sunshine. Even on extremely cold days.
  • A good workout.
  • Deodorant. (See above :)
  • A fuzzy dog who warms my toes when she falls asleep at my feet.
  • My job. Today I was a little late to school due to an appointment.  This was after three snow days following the weekend.  The kids all yelled, "Mrs. Cloud is here!" and jumped up to give me hugs. Like it had been 2 years rather than 5 days. I love them. 
  • My kids' teachers. They are incredibly patient, incredibly loving, incredibly understanding.
  • Warm blankets and fuzzy socks.
  • God. I am thankful for God in my life. A God who loves me in spite of myself. A God who invites me to cast all of my cares (and lately that feels like a lot) at His feet.
  • Accomplishments for the kids.
  • Renovation shows. They entertain us to no ends. And make us realize how fortunate we are.
  • The MANY workers who are working on our house. They have all been so nice and have worked hard.  
  • A fitness challenge that keeps me moving on days I would rather not...
  • Pistachios. A handful a day does my heart good.  Or at least my taste buds.
  • Snow. If you know me at all, that seems like a crazy thing for me to be thankful for since I dislike winter and winter weather immensely.  And I still do. But I am not totally cold-hearted. :) I do see the beauty in snow falling from the sky.  And the white blanket on the ground. Especially now that I have heat.  I just wish it didn't interfere with my school year so much. 
  • My husband. I love watching him with our kids. He is an amazing father. He meets the kids where they are and teaches me a lot about raising our kids in the way they are bent.
  • My co-workers.
  • Lotion. Especially this time of year.
  • My washer/dryer. Which are working overtime this week.
How about you?
What are you thankful for this year?


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  1. Your blog. You always bring be back to reality. You help me understand we are not a alone with one of our kids. Thank you


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