Saturday, August 2, 2014

43 and Counting...

It is that time of year. 

My birthday.

My 43rd birthday.

I have actually started losing count. To figure out how old I am, I have to subtract my birth year from the current one.

But if my kids ask, I am 29.

Anyway, every year I write a post about my blessings for the year.  So this year, I am going to share 43 things I am thankful no particular order.

43 Blessings
43.  Sushi...which I can only eat with chopsticks.  Just doesn't feel right using a fork.
42.  My "blanket"...a certain blanket that stays on our bed.  It is just the right weight for me. I often use it at night when I am chilling on the computer or when I need a nap.
41.  Speaking of naps, afternoon naps. I LOVE my afternoon naps.  Even better when the pup is curled up next to me.
40.  Reading glasses.  I hate that I need them but glad they are there when I do!
39.  Working out with my co-workers...even though I am usually really sore the next day.  Will that ever stop?
38.  Reconnecting with friends from earlier parts of my life.
37.  An ice cold Coke at the end of a long day.
36.  Sunsets.  The colors across the sky are truly God's handiwork.
35.  Finding cash unexpectedly (that I probably stashed away in a "safe" place only to forget about it).
34.  Finding "love" notes around our house from child 4.  That child can make me cry and has a few times but also brings a lot of joy to our lives.
33.  Getting an area of the house organized and cleaned up/out.
32.  A hike in the woods on a beautiful fall day.  Especially if it leads to a waterfall.
31. A rainbow in the sky on a cloudy day.
30.  My chilled dark chocolate with sea salt caramel squares...I eat one each day.  Good for the heart. :)
29.  Jeans and a Razorback shirt, my favorite outfit.
28.  Reading the comics each day.
27.  The servant's heart of child 3...she loves to be a helper around the house (as long as it is her idea :).
26.  My pedicured toes in the warm sand, the smell of salt water, sea gulls flying overhead.  Oh how I love the beach!
25.  Parmesan cheese.  I will eat it with almost anything.  Or just by itself.
24.  A fuzzy dog curled up on my feet as I type this.  She is such an example of devotion, complete devotion, to me. 
23.  Walks around the neighborhood after dark with the Hubs and the pup on a starry night.
22.  A new book to read (and the time to read it!).
21.  HGTV...pretty much the only TV I watch. 
20.  My crockpot which certainly makes our lives a little better and helps me with dinner. Often.
19.  My quiet times...times alone with His word and prayer. 
18.  Our second floor. Didn't appreciate it as much in January when we were without heat but SOOOO love it now.  It has honestly changed our lives.
17.  White lilies and magnolia blossoms...not really together. But they both make my heart happy.
16.  A hot shower after a long workout.
15.  Shrimp. Cooked any way. Cooked all ways.  Even better when I don't have to be the one to clean it. :)
14.  Shopping with Child 2, our favorite "together" activity. She makes me laugh.
13.  My iPod eclectic mix. Each song has a meaning, a memory.
12.  My Fitbit which keeps up with my steps so I don't have to.
11.  My job.  One of the few places I ever feel like a "rock star". Every day.
10.  The dependability of child 1...I can always count on him.
9.  Warm Vanilla Sugar bath gel.
8.  New Sharpies.
7.  A full tank of gas. Especially if I didn't have to pump it.
6.  The colors of fall in the Ozarks.
5.  Hearing from former students.  Always makes my heart smile.
4.  Heated seats on a cold day.
3.  Supermoons and meteor showers. I love the world our God created!
2.  Floating on the Buffalo (even when I tip over).
1.  You!  Thank you for being my friend.  I am blessed.


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