Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Facts of Useless Information

Just to keep things light, and trust me, after the day I had, I need something light, I am going to share some random facts of useless information that will leave you wondering at the end, "What on earth is she sharing this for?" And that would be a rhetorical question because there is no answer. Or at least no good one. Feel free to share your own random fact of useless information in the comment section. Like I said, I just need something about the day (or now middle of the night) to be light...
  • I eat a Ghiradelli dark chocolate square with caramel every single day. Usually I have it for lunch but sometimes dinner. It is a rare day to miss one. Oh, and I like it to have been in the freezer for a while so it is really crunch. Two or three years ago, I wouldn't have dreamed of eating dark chocolate, but then I read several articles about how much better it was for your health, and I switched. Now I hardly ever touch milk chocolate. Of course, how can anything with caramel be bad? (taste wise, not health wise :)
  • I play Farmtown on Facebook. I hope that it never shows up on friends' updates or walls...I always say no to that. It just my little peace of escape every day. I have this sense of accomplishment when I have a harvest ready. Some days I need a sense of accomplishment. Most days.
  • I just started putting gas in my own vehicle in probably the last year. Before then, my dad usually did it or Mark (after we met). The only reason I do it now is because I forget sometimes to tell Mark, and the light comes on when I am running kids around.
  • I am wearing a bright pink bracelet (one of those rubber "cause" kind) to remind me to pray for our music teacher who I have mentioned before is having treatments for cancer. I have not taken it off since I put it on. Yes, I do wash it in the shower...on my arm. I figure she can't just take her cancer off, so I shouldn't just take the bracelet off when I feel like it.
  • No other job makes me feel more like a failure than parenting.
  • My ideal sleep schedule is to stay up until around 1, sleep in until 8 or 9, then take a short nap in the afternoon. Unfortunately not many people in the world, especially in education, are on my schedule.
  • I will eat many fruits, but I cannot stand watermelon (or any melon). To me, it tastes like lightly flavored water. And I will eat vegetables that are raw. I cannot think of any that I will eat cooked, unless you count potatoes which I don't.
  • I will come to a sudden stop to avoid hitting an animal, even a squirrel.
  • My spices on the Lazy Susan are alphabetized. The spices on the spice shelf are not. I don't know why.
  • I feel guilty throwing away anything that can be recycled. Our recycle box is usually about as full as our trashcan.
  • I used to watch just about any kind of movie. Now I cannot watch anything in the horror category nor most in the action/adventure. Those images haunt me long after the movie is done.
  • I have not read any of the Twilight series. Honestly I have no interest to.
  • I haven't shopped at a Wal-Mart in over 12 years. Don't have any interest in that either. :)
  • I cannot wear flip flops. I have tried. There are so many cool ones out there. But having anything between my toes like that is painful to me.
  • I recently made a list of places I would love to visit in my lifetime. There are at least 20 places on it. I think Australia is the furthest away.
  • I have never been to the Bahamas. That is on my list too.
  • My ears are pierced twice. I always have tiny diamond studs in the top. I rarely wear earrings in the original piercing unless I am dressing up.
  • I have long fingernails. I don't necessarily try to have them that way. They just grow until they either break or a few break and I cut the rest. You would think it is because I get so much calcium, but other than cheese and occasionally ice cream, not much dairy in my diet. I will not drink a cup of milk. Blech! (But my kids must drink it at least twice a day)
  • I love to watch Sesame Street. I am amazed at how much learning/teaching goes into each show.
  • I hardly ever use butter on bread. Given a choice, I will use olive oil/seasonings for dipping every single time.
  • I will not enter contests for products I don't believe in or use on occasion. I also won't enter if I really don't think I will like or use the reward/prize.

I could go on and on, but then what fun would that be? I have to save some element of surprise for you, right? :)

More later,



  1. I agree about the flip flops - very rarely do I find anyone who understands!
    I have 2 holes in each ear but just leave the earrings in because I'm too lazy to change them regularly. I used to have a hole at the top of my ear, butit rewally bothered me when I was on the phone or slept so I let it close up.
    I like to read in bed before falling asleep - sometimes I only get about a paragraph read before I start nodding off!

  2. I can't eat cooked veggies either except corn and potatoes.
    The only raw veggies I eat are tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cucumbers and that's about it my kids love all veggies.
    I don't like fireworks I think I will be that lucky one hit by a stray firework. :)
    I have 5 piercing's in my ears but I keep just one set of earrings on. I did 3 of them all by myself when I was way younger.

  3. Reba,
    I just learned to like watermelon a couple of years ago, and that's the only melon I like.
    I only eat cooked veggies.
    I haven't the Twilight series either, and I have no desire to.
    I like a glass of milk before bed...usually with something sweet to eat. :)

  4. I love it! You should do this kind of post more often; I enjoy learning little facts about people. I can't eat any kind of melon either. The smell of them makes me ill. I loved watermelon growing up but not anymore.

  5. You think of the best things to blog about. I love it!
    Maybe one day we will get to meet :) I will not serve you melons or cooked veggies ....


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