Monday, August 2, 2010

39 and Holding...

Yes, it is true. I am now 39. Or will be later this afternoon. I will admit. I have been dreading this one because I am REALLY dreading the next one. I know, I know, it is just a number. And it is better than the alternative (well, kind of :). But I am feeling a bit...old. And like I should be so much wiser than I am. I guess I am facing that, "What am I doing with my life? What kind of impact am I making? How will I be remembered one day?" Those fun questions. Yep, thus far, 39 is a really fun age to be. :)

Okay, so to be more positive, if you have read at all (or if you are even reading now :), then you know that every year I make a list of blessings in my life...the exact number that my age is. Obviously if I am still doing this at 70, I am going to have to start a week or so earlier. But I always have this list running in my mind. Believe it or not, I am trying to cut back on food items on the list though I could probably do a whole list just WITH food...I really enjoy food. Oh, and one other note, I do not typically read back through old lists, so there is a REALLY good chance that I have used some of these before, and that is okay. It is my birthday, and I can do what I want. :)

So, here, in no particular order is my list...

39 things I am thankful for...

39. Taking a Sunday afternoon nap, even better on a rainy day!

38. My I "Heart" San Francisco shirt. It is threadbare. I would give anything to have another one just like it (and trust me I have looked). But it brings back such wonderful memories of my birthday two years ago. Right behind that is my Gulf Shores t-shirt.

37. A dark chocolate Ghiradelli square with caramel that has chilled in the freezer so it is really "crunchy" as I bite into it.

36. Dry Erase Crayons. These are new. I bought a couple boxes for my classroom. I wish I had bought more. I love them. I think it is a kindergarten teacher thing.

35. Blogging. I love blogging. I know it is on its way out as the "fad" thing to do, but for me, it is a great way to remember family happenings. I cannot tell you how many times I have searched to remember when something happened or what birthday theme a child had a particular year. I have also made some good friends through blogging. And it is a good outlet for me.

34. Grabbing a towel that has just come out of the dryer.

33. Slow Cooker bags. I love those things. Just used one Sunday morning as my Pork Tenderloin slow cooked while we were at church. Makes clean up SO much easier!

32. Pedicures. I need another one. (I have a certificate, just have to pawn off the children for a bit :) I didn't have one for years and now I am hooked. At least in the summer.

31. Wearing jeans. I didn't say I looked good in them. But I am SOOO comfortable in them.

30. An ice cold Mtn. Dew OR a Coke from McDonald's. Depends on what I am eating.

29. Playing Word Games (Word Twist, Scrabble, Words with Friends)...rejuvenates my mind while at the same time reminding me of how very limited my vocabulary is!

28. Our youngest wrapping his arms around my neck, squeezing VERY hard, and telling me, "I wuv oo, Mommy." Melts my heart.

27. My Michael W. Smith New Hallelujah CD. I really never tire of it. Love to hear it, love to sing it (and just pray nobody else can hear me)

26. A rainbow across a cloudy sky

25. A big bowl of hot baked potato soup with a side dish of French bread and olive oil/dipping spices. Yum.

24. Watching the world "green up" in the spring

23. Child 2's "mothering" heart. She is such a natural mom (probably does it better than I do) with a love for her siblings. Well, most of them. :)

22. A hot bath and a new magazine. 'Nuff said.

21. A hike on a cool (NOT cold) day in a new place...bonus if there is a waterfall.

20. Those late night heart to heart talks with my hubby (because that is the ONLY time we will not be interrupted)

19. Not setting my alarm clock. I live for that in the summer.

18. A healing God. I have needed that in my life (and my friends' lives) more this year than ever. I am thankful He heals both bodies and spirits. And I am also thankful He still loves me and holds onto me even when I am not holding onto Him.

17. Watching cousins play together

16. Teaching students in February. Oh, I love teaching any time, but February is my favorite. They are off of the Christmas excitement and spring fever has yet to hit. I see more progress that time of year than any other!

15. Our firstborn's confidence in himself. He is comfortable in his own skin. I love that about him and almost envy that!

14. Finding money around the house unexpectedly. (Unfortunately, it is usually a dollar or two, but hey, I take what I can get)

13. Facebook. I have been able to connect/reconnect with SO many people from all areas of my life, all the way back to elementary school. It is also such an encouragement when I have a question or am having a rough day. I post and more often than not, I have responses within moments with answers or encouragement.

12. Watching the sun set over the ocean as I walk along the beach, my bare feet buried in the warm sand. (Then later that night listening to the waves crash against the shore...)

11. Digital cameras. I love taking pictures (which is probably why I have over 11,000 pictures on this computer. I know, I know, I need to filter some out...), and I love being able to edit them. I still remember the days of coming home with pictures from my old camera, only to find that over half of them were blurry.

10. My reusable grocery bags. I really do try to be fairly green. Plus they hold SO much more. I go from having 20 plastic bags to 8 or less fabric bags!

9. White lilies and roses. They just are so pure, so beautiful.

8. The colors of fall in NWArkansas

7. High school football games even though I recognize more and more the names of the players as former students which again makes me feel old. :)

6. An unexpected note or e-mail from a former student or their parents...thrills my heart more than you can ever know.

5. How child 3's whole face lights up when she is happy and smiling; it brightens the room.

4. Laughing until tears roll down my face and my side hurts...usually happens after watching Psyche or The Office.

3. My kindergarten team. They make my job even that much better. They are family. When they hurt, I hurt. When they celebrate, I celebrate.

2. Brand new white Keds. I am not a fancy girl. I love my Keds. Love them even more when they are all white and pretty. At least until someone steps on my toes. And they will.

1. You! Thanks for reading this all the way through. I would imagine if you took the time to do it, you are a friend or a family member which means I value you and our relationship! Thank you for being my friend (in spite of who I am :)

Have a great day!
PS Honorable mentions go out to the following foods: Fool's Gold pizza at Tim's pizza, a bowl of lobster bisque at Powerhouse, the grasshopper crepes at Hugo's, the dark chocolate molten caramel lava cake at Theo's, dungeness crab legs at Joe's crab shack, flaming queso at Marketplace, and shrimp/scallops all over the globe. :)
PSS I only specifically mention the kids and Mark once, though I could make a list that goes on and on about all of them. I had to limit myself. :)


  1. Reading your blog makes me laugh and cry! Gonna miss seeing your smiling face at church, but so thankful that I can stay in touch thru facebook and your blog!

  2. Love your list! I was just thinking last week that you look really good, so have a great birthday!

  3. I love your list, I enjoy your reading your blog. I hope you have a great Birthday. :)

  4. I always look forward to the birthday list! I wish I would be disciplined to do some of the special things (such as this) that you do. Have a wonderful 39th year. And believe me, you DON'T look 39! Here's to (at least) 39 more! :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you've had a glorious day! I always look forward to your birthday list! You make me laugh!! You have no idea what a blessing you are to me! Here's to many many more happy healthy blessed birthdays!!


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