Friday, August 6, 2010

Gifts from the Heart

Yes, I am still blogging about my birthday. I am getting old, you know. If I don't record these moments, I may just not remember them!

So in my last post, I shared about my birthday day including some of the fun gifts from my parents. Today I wanted to share a few gifts from the heart I received from my hubby and kids...

One special gift of the heart I received was from my main man (that would be my hubby). Throughout the day I received e-mails from him (which always thrills my heart anyway) listing a few reasons that he loves me. By the end of the day, he had sent me like six e-mails listing 39 things in all that he loved about me. I won't share all of them; some things are meant to be private. (Believe it or not, I really don't bare ALL on here :) But I will say that reading about how he loves how I wiggle my toes constantly (which I didn't realize I did but he is right!) or that he loves how I do the laundry even though he knows I don't love to do that (in the slightest!) warmed my heart. He really does know me, "get me", and "appreciate" me! It was a special gift, one I will always treasure.

Another precious gift I received came from child 2. Last week she was going through my fabric box searching for something. Don't fall over. I have a fabric box. I don't use it or anything but I do have one. Anyway, she came upon a large piece of fleece that I have used before making blankets. (When the kids reach a certain age, I make them a special blanket by fringing/knotting a patterned fleece against a background fleece) She was very interested in how to make a blanket and decided to make one herself. I knew she was doing that (hers is just one piece of fleece) during naptimes. What I didn't realize was that she was making it for me. The night of the birthday celebration, she handed me a wrapped package, and I found this inside:

She had knotted it all around, creating "fringe" and then put a special message on it. The only downside is that she used regular marker, so if I put the written side toward me, I am left with colorful clothes. :) It was very sweet, an unexpected gesture. I love her generous heart.

And finally, an even more unexpected gift came from child 1. He proudly presented a "card" to me. The card had 10 reasons he loved me. No, his father had nothing to do with it. I did ask. :) If you know how much child 1 dislikes writing, you would know what a very special gift this was. Apparently he was hard at work in his room, and I had no idea.

Edited for spelling and punctuation...

"The 10 Love Hearts for Mom"

1. She's beautiful.

2. She moves as gracefully as a swan. (Sidenote: That one made me laugh because I am fairly clumsy :)

3. She's good at cooking.

4. I love her clothes.

5. She's a good reader.

Bonus (written under number 5 as a decoration...she loves Coke)

6. She is a good hiker.

7. She loves her kids.

8. She likes to shop.

9. She likes scrapbooking. (Sidenote: That pretty much stopped after child 2 :)

10. She loves waterfalls.

Happy birthday!

Yes, you guessed it. I cried. Very sweet gesture.

Completely a gift from the heart.

I am blessed.



  1. Happy Belated Birthday! You sure are blessed ;)

  2. Those gifts are all really neat! I know they are special to you because they are things YOU would give, which'd like to receive them too. And because you give these sweet and thoughtful gifts, you are creating a legacy, and a beautiful example for your children to follow. They will in turn bless their own families like this someday too. :)


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