Thursday, December 16, 2010

All I Want for Christmas Is...

Dear Santa,
I have been really good this year. Well, mostly. Okay, kind of. Just don't ask my kids. Or my husband. Or possibly my students depending on the day. Just take my word for it.

I am writing to you, Santa, with my wishlist. After all, you can do miraculous things. I realized that when one of my children asked for an i-Pad and assured me that Santa did not need money for that...his elves will simply make it. If you can do that (can doesn't mean "would"), then you can surely bring me a thing...or two...or six.

Oh, and dearest Santa, these are in no particular order. Of course, if you bring all of them, it won't be a problem. :)
1. One extra room in our house. Maybe two. A bedroom so those girls do not have to share a room (nor do we have to listen to the grumblings of how they share a room) and one more bathroom. Of coruse, some days I wonder why we have two bathrooms since somehow in the morning they all end up in ours...right in front of my mirror!
2. An extra hour or two a day.
3. One, just one, of our children to be quiet and self-sufficient. Just one.
4. An extra dishwasher. Seems like the one we have is always going while the dishes build up in the sink.
5. Three days to myself to re-organize my house.
6. Gift certificates to Blog to Print (I think that is the name) so I can get paper copies of what I have said in the past, more than likely words I will have to eat.
7. Peace on earth. I always have a word of the year. One year it was contentment. 2011's word is peace. I yearn for it.
8. To like vegetables. I know they are good for me. I know I will live longer if I eat more of them. And I know that almost all of them (other than a select few in the raw state) make me gag.
9. Our family beach vacation. We are downsizing our vacations this coming year to take care of some other expenses. But come February, when I am looking out at the dreary winter scene, I will want to plan that beach vacation. Not to mention, how do I do a family calendar every year without 700 beach pictures to choose from for the summer months?
10. NO snow. None. I know that others probably have that high on their list. Why don't you help them vacation in a snowy place? After the last two years, I am done with any frozen precipitation. None. I want none. I guess I really should take this one up with God...
11. A Mountain Dew (not diet) that is not fattening.
12. For scientists to discover that five minutes of exercise a day is all your body really needs
13. A lifetime supply of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate squares with caramel. Please don't bring milk chocolate. It is not the same as dark.
14. One child to become more independent, another to become more "yielding" to those in authority, one to become more responsible, and another to become a bit more humble. Is that asking too much? :)
15. A little more energy to keep up with my crew.

Santa, my list could go on and on, as you probably already know since you see me when I am sleeping, and you know when I am probably know that I would write more but I am falling asleep at the keyboard.


  1. Love the wish list--one of my children asked for an i-pad as well:-) I know I would love a few days by myself--imagine getting to eat when my food is hot! Oh, and my tree topper--totally stole the idea from my mother-in-law--she has decorated my tree the past few years and this is the first one I have done without her:-) Thanks for the compliments. Here is hoping you get at least 2 things on your list from Santa:-)

  2. This is too funny! and so true!!! :)


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