Sunday, December 5, 2010

To Do List

Oh, the To Do List...

Will it ever end?

Create Christmas picture cards

Write a holiday letter

Address 125 or more cards

Write a personal note on each holiday letter

Fold letters, insert cards, seal envelopes

Stamp envelopes

Mail them (as opposed to last year when I gave up after our cards were stolen)

Double check the "Christmas gift database"

Shop, shop, shop

Finish wrapping 100 Christmas books (over halfway done at least :)

Make Christmas cookies with kids

Decorate said cookies

Clean up mess after decorating cookies with kids

Decorate tree (no, it is not decorated. It does have lights though)

Finish finding an "ornament of the year" for each of the kids

Decorate house

Visit the square

Finish up details for a child's birthday party (for family)

Wrap presents for birthday child's birthday

Make a birthday cake

Shop and cook a birthday meal

Get in the holiday spirit

Catch up on the blog.

Plus all of that other stuff, like cooking, cleaning, organizing, mothering, etc...

How about you?



  1. If you don't write a to-do list does that mean there isn't anything to do? :-)

  2. Bless your heart! Sounds like you need a magic jeanie in the bottle! :) i know it gets so hectic this time of the year that it can be easy to forget what its all about! I struggle with that alot! I vote that Mark takes the #s (ALL of them) on a daddy date for an entire day---sunrise to sunset---so you can get some stuff done! :)

  3. I have a lot to do but I don't make a list. I would just drive me crazy. So I just do it as a remember it that works a lot better for me. :)


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