Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Freeze Frame

Yesterday was just one of those days.

It wasn't like it was an exceptional kind of day. We weren't in Hawaii or at DisneyWorld or even at a fancy restaurant. We weren't celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or any major holiday. We didn't go on an incredible hike or spend the day on the lake (though my hubby would have LOVED that). It was just an ordinary day.

An ordinary day I would I could have frozen in time.

We got up, got to church, then came home. Ordinary.

While my big boys took care of our lawn, the little ones and I all had good naps. Ordinary.

I sure do love a good nap though, and I don't always get one.

Then we had dinner. I had some helpers. Lauren helped me wrap the shrimp with bacon; Maria helped me make the white sauce for the potatoes.

Dinner was delicious.

I have mixed feelings though about the fact that two of the four kids have developed a taste for shrimp. We have always grilled chicken for the kids, then we chow down on the shrimp. Well, Lauren and Joshua both have decided that shrimp is pretty tasty. That means not very much leftovers for Mom the next day (not to mention, Lauren was trying to put "dibs" on the leftovers before dinner was even over)!

Anyway, after dinner, we chilled for a bit (if that is possible in this crazy hot weather).

Then we made snow cones.

The kids somehow link "snow cones" and "outside" in their minds.

So we took our cool treats to the backyard. Mark and I enjoyed a little time on the porch swing while the kiddos played in the yard.

And occasionally their laughter and giggles would be drowned out by our own laughter; at times, I had tears running down my face. (In case you have never met my family, they can be quite comical and one in particular takes pride in being a comedian or a clown...)

Like I said, nothing extraordinary. Actually rather ordinary. And not even perfect...there were scuffles and quarrels throughout the day among the siblings.

But nonetheless, I wanted to freeze time.

I want to always remember how much love, how much joy, how very blessed I felt at that time just in case I ever forget.

Now where is that "pause" button?


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