Monday, July 25, 2011

Love and Marriage...

When you read the title, you need to think it like the intro to Married with Children. I didn't watch that show, not my thing, but I have heard the intro enough times to think it while I type those words.

Anyway, this is a bit of a continuation from yesterday's post.

As I watched the wedding take place this past weekend, I thought of this young couple and the commitment they were making.

I thought about the twinkle in their eyes, the love in their smiles, the radiant glow around them as they faced one another to say those vows.

I found myself both smiling with them, yet with tears in my eyes.

If only every day of their lives could be like this day was.

But alas, it won't.

Some days you will wake up and roll over and think, "Oh, it is you again."

And sometimes life will seem overwhelming when a child (or two or three) is crying, the bills are scattered across the countertop, the dinner is burned on the stove.

And sometimes, oftentimes, he will let you down. And you will let him down.

At times, your heart will feel restless as you read about friends' adventures in travel or trips to the mall.

Some moments, you will feel your skin crawl as you step over yet another one of his dirty socks or hear that same joke for the hundredth time (which wasn't funny the first time around).

There will be days you will go to bed, two feet from one another, yet feel utterly alone.

And other times you will exist merely as roommates, or so it feels.

When those moments happen, and they will happen no matter HOW much you love one another, stop.

Stop and remember.

Remember this day.

Remember the love you feel at this moment for one another.

Remember the tenderness of your touch and how you feel when he holds your hand.

Remember the vows.

Remember the promises you made to one another.

Not promises to love each other only on the good days.

But a promise to love each other in sickness and in health. In good times and in bad times. In poverty and in wealth.

Till death do you part.

Hold on to those promises even when it feels like that is all you are holding onto.

Hold on to God's faithfulness for He will never let you down.

Hold on to your husband's hand even when you want to push it away.

Hold on to the love you feel for one another today, at this moment.


Don't hold on too tight.

Because with time, with commitment, with effort...

That love will grow.

It will grow bigger.



And 15 years later, that love you feel will be a giant oak compared to the acorn you felt on your wedding day.

I promise, it will.

Till Death Do Us Part...

More later,

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