Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh, These Kids...

Short post but I hope to get back at regular posting this week as life settles down. Well, relatively speaking.

I just want to remember a couple funnies.

If you read me on Facebook, these won't be new.


There are few original thoughts these days. Proof? They are remaking Footloose AND Dirty Dancing. Really???

Anyway, the youngest child first.

Last night I had a belated birthday bash with my family and my parents. My mom made a beautiful cake with my name on it.

Strawberry cake and frosting. Yum. I only get it once a year. It is the only cake I ever ask for.

Anyway, our youngest looked at it and remarked, "That isn't right. It should be M-O-M." Later when his sister jokingly called me "Rera" (the B had melted a bit), he quickly informed her my name is Mom. M-O-M. Oh, that kid tickles me.

The other one? Child 3.

Apparently yesterday she was unhappy with Mark's parenting skills. Like telling her no. And other stuff dads are supposed to do.

A little while later, she came into where Mark was sitting and asked him how to spell his name. He spelled it out for her. She then showed him her work. It was a list. A good list and a bad list. Apparently I was on the good list (for that moment anyway), along with the dog and one brother. The other family members, including Dad, were on the bad list.

She then proceeded to make up 10 "tickets" with Mark's name on them. Any time he does something she doesn't like, Child 3 will take one of his tickets. Sounds a WHOLE lot like her classroom management/discipline system at school. Not really sure what happens when he loses all of his tickets or if he has most of them at the end of the week. She didn't explain those details. In case you are wondering, he has lost a ticket already for something last night...I don't even remember what it was. I am sure my tickets are in production as I type...


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