Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Know You Are a Puppy Owner When...

I apologize for the lack of posting. I think I am probably this tired every year the first few weeks but it always catches me by surprise anyway. I often wake up around 3 a.m. to find that I fell asleep on top of the bed, fully clothed...

Anyway, here is a lighter post, just for fun.

You Know You're a Puppy Owner When...

1. You start driving past the toy store to visit the pet stores instead.
2. You come home from the grocery store each time with a new bag of treats.
3. You have a plastic jar with pawprints all over it to hold the new treats that keep coming home.
4. Your trashcans are on the counter because a curious puppy will dig in them otherwise.
5. You have always slept as long as possible in the mornings but now pop out of bed at the first little whine you hear...
6. Your bathtub has a smaller bathtub in it, just right for washing little pups.
7. You start watching where you step while playing with the kids in the yard.
8. Your parenting books have been replaced with "Puppies for Dummies".
9. You run home every day at lunch to let the pup out for a few minutes...eating with one hand so you can play fetch with the other.
10. You start paying attention to the words "pet friendly" in beach rentals and hotel websites.
11. Your light blog posts used to involve children stories and now involve puppy stories.
12. You start including pictures of your pup in your blog or on Facebook...instead of the kids. :)
13. You plan your day around the puppy's schedule.
14. Your last ten google searches have involved the term "puppy".
15. You start "liking" every post on Facebook that involves a pup.
16. You have to pause when someone asks you how many children you have (include her or not?)...
17. You can find a way to work a puppy story into just about any conversation.
18. Your time in front of the computer has been replaced with time outside (to wear the pup out).
19. You suddenly "get" what other people have been talking about for years...they truly are a part of the family.
20. You step on a chew stick every where you go in your house...

I know there are many more but I better quit for now. We are only partway through the week...I have to conserve my energy. :)

More soon (I promise).


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