Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ships in the Night

I may have mentioned that we are a tad bit busy.





Sports. (Three soccer practices, four football practices, and a round of gymnastics each are about to start which will alter that schedule even more...)

Exercise. Oh, wait. No exercise. Who has the time or energy for that?

Anyway, life is busy.

I know, I know. That is true for most people.

I guess for me, this is the busiest I ever remember it being.

And that has been hard.

But we are making it.

However, the one part I don't like is that I feel like we (as in my man and I) are like ships passing in the night.

He takes one to a practice, I take the others. Or vice versa. Or we split the difference.

By the time we are home together, I am falling asleep stretched out across the bed with the laptop in my lap. And probably a dog curled up beside me. (She doesn't stay there all night. Just until I realize I need to formally go to bed, brush my teeth, etc...)


Who has time for that?


Who has time for that?

But in spite of it all, we sometimes just have to find time for each other.

Even if it is little snippets.

Like last night when the kids were watching a movie, and my honey and I took the dog out and sat on the patio watching the stars.

Or ordering Outback take out after putting the kids to bed and having a little dinner (at home) together.

Or watching our favorite t.v. show together, though one or both of us may drift in and out of sleep throughout the show (usually Chopped).

Or having a short slow dance in the toyroom (while I am cleaning) because "our song" came across the ipod.

Even though I don't get to see him as much as I like, he is my man.

And I love him.

He is my best friend.

And we have fun together.

Even if it is just in short increments each day.

Looking forward to some time day.

More later,

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