Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Teachers Want...

A teacher friend posted this on Facebook tonight.

Source: cnn.com via Reba on Pinterest

What do teachers really want parents to know?

This article shares just a few things.

It does leave out some things.

Like how much we love our students.

And that decisions we make for them are for their good, to help them be even better, not just because it seemed like the thing to do at that moment in time.

How we grieve for our students when they grieve, and how even years later, we celebrate their successes.

How our heart breaks the day a student moves away, and just how many times that same student will cross our minds for years to come.

How those sweet children will tell us everything going on at home (plus some), and how they will tell us exactly what they heard (like "My mom didn't want me to have you for a teacher...").

That we think "long term". We ask students (and parents) to follow rules so that one day when it is really important (as in with the law), they will take the right path.

That we beam for pride when we spot a former student in the newspaper (for something good) or out in the real world.

That we gave our all (often leaving our families with the "leftovers") for your children. Just because that is what we do.

That is what teachers want you to know.


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