Saturday, October 8, 2011

In My Dreams

In my dream world...
  • my countertops would be spotless
  • no clutter would accumulate anywhere
  • I would have a whole week to myself to get rid of that clutter that is accumulating everywhere
  • people would respond to e-mails or Facebook messages so that I wouldn't sit and wonder, "Did I do something wrong?"
  • Mtn. Dew would be healthy for you
  • there would be NO cancer
  • you would lose weight for not eating the foods you really wanted to eat but didn't
  • every fall weekend would be devoted to a good hike
  • my children would get along
  • everyone would listen to me...truly listen
  • I would get to sleep until 8
  • I would be 20 pounds lighter
  • my summers would be spent at the beach
  • winter would be about three weeks long with all of the other seasons splitting the rest of the year
  • all of my socks would have a match
  • my sink would never have dirty dishes in it
  • our house would have two more bedrooms and one more bathroom
  • our lawn would always be green
  • I would end school with the same 20 students I started with
  • I could order my groceries via Internet and have them delivered
  • I would get to go to the bathroom or take a shower with no interruptions
  • there would always be a ballpoint pen on hand
  • chocolate would be a food group
  • I would not have Restless Leg syndrome
  • there would be no junk mail or sales phone calls
  • my phone battery would last for days without running down
  • my interior walls would be repainted (without me lifting a finger)
  • jeans would be considered professional dress
I am sure I can come up with more. How about you? What goes on in your dream world?


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