Saturday, October 1, 2011

Signs O' Fall

There are a few signs of fall around our house...

  • grilled food is slowly being replaced with soups in the crockpot
  • Saturday afternoons, my boys are either at a college football game or watching one...
  • my spirit gets restless as I long to be out hiking each weekend
  • our weeknight evenings are filled with sports and school and other activities
  • Friday nights are reserved for local high school games
  • the kids are going to school in shorts but also wearing jackets
  • the flip flops have been kicked aside
  • piles of clothes appear around the house as the "clothes" transition takes place
  • fresh fruit is slowly replaced with canned and frozen fruit (with the exception of "cuties")
  • the blankets/throws begin to get nightly use
  • my fuzzy slippers appear around the house (especially since the pup has taken a liking to them...)
  • it is easier to get the kids to bed since it is dark earlier
  • bags of peanuts and candy corn appear on our counter (and later in our tummies)
  • the lawnmower begins to collect dust
  • our yard is filled with colorful leaves even though we have NO trees :)
  • the snow cone machine is tucked away for a while
  • the counters are covered in school papers and homework
  • backpacks litter the ground
  • my naps and late nights are replaced with "naps" in the evening (curled up in the chair with a pup)...usually waking up just enough to brush my teeth and head to bed
  • jackets are thrown on the chairs and occasionally the floor
  • my knuckles and scalp get really dry and itchy
  • the pantry is slowly filling up with candy as I buy a couple of bags of Halloween candy each time I go to the store (to soften the blow on how much I am probably spending)
  • the kids start talking about Halloween costumes
  • my internet searches turn to soup recipes and hiking trails
So, what are some signs of fall around your house?


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