Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Wonder...

These are some of the random thoughts I have throughout the day. Scary, I know!

I wonder...
  • what dogs dream about. Are there words in their dreams?
  • what it would be like to be taller. To just buy clothes without having to search for "short" on the tag (and trust me, there isn't nearly the choice if you are...)
  • what it would be like to be caught up on laundry.
  • what it would be like to be able to sing. On key. To have people saying, "Wow, what an incredible voice" in a positive way!
  • what it would be like to have a day of no tattletales.
  • why weekends don't last longer.
  • what it would be like to feel no guilt.
  • what we will do in heaven all day long.
  • if there will be dogs in heaven.
  • what it would be like to be completely organized.
  • what it would be like to live on the beach all summer long.
  • if I would truly miss winter if I lived on the beach all year long.
  • how kids start reading. Where is that magic switch that seems to flip one day?
  • why boys seem to think the more pain involved (in a risk), the more thrilling it is.
  • why chocolate can't be a food group we need every day.
  • why my phone battery seems to die faster some days than it does others.
  • if I will ever get to visit Hawaii.
  • what it would be like to run a 5 K. Or even a 2 K. Or even to run around the block without gasping for air.
  • why people always fall for those "Get a free giftcard to ____" on Facebook.
  • why I always get advertisements in my e-mail for fake diplomas. Really?
  • why commercials are so much louder than the television snows.
  • why my kids always act worse after I "brag" about their behavior.
  • why I crave ice cream when it is cold outside.
  • what it would be like to be a size 4.
  • why I am so forgetful.
  • why I wonder so much.
More soon. :)

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