Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin (Muffin) Eater

It has been a whirlwind week already. We had two days of school this week, and they were busy, busy, busy.

Just to add a little "fun" (or not so much) to the list, little Miss Marley had her Spay Day...her surgery was today. Oh, I cannot describe the guilt and sadness I felt when Mark held her little travel crate up to me to say good-bye this morning. I was SOOOO ready to see her this afternoon. She is home and recovering but she is still not herself. It hurts my heart to hear her little sounds of discomfort. I can only hope that in a day or two she will feel more like herself.

On to "cheater, cheater". So we are into week 2 of the no eating out as a family. And we have stuck to it. But I will admit, we are really using that "as a family" part to our benefit. :) Mark actually eats out for lunch fairly often with his job. I won't make all of the comments that come to mind about the fact that I take leftovers to work to eat every single day. Nope, I will keep those to myself. Now last Friday night, I did have a Girl's Night Out. We went to a "boutique" (it was like a fancy craft fair) then hopped next door to a restaurant. The friend I was with is expecting, so we had to feed her cravings. After all her baby is growing, developing. And then there is yesterday. I didn't have to go home to let Marley out since she was at the doggy hospital. So my dear husband asked if he could come eat with me. And we devoured a little sushi together. Again, we didn't eat out as a family. :) I did get teased some in the teacher's lounge. But I reminded them that we are trying to show the kids how to sacrifice. I already know. I don't have a new vehicle or freshly painted walls or the bedroom suite I would love to have...those are all sacrifices. And the fact that I am not getting my weekly fill of pizza (though we are making our own tonight) is a sacrifice too. Trust me on that. :)

Finally, pumpkin muffins. Oh, you know how I love pumpkin muffins. Well, yesterday I got up a little bit earlier and made two batches. One batch was for my kids (and me). The other batch was as a little "thank you" to our kids' teachers before Thanksgiving. I also then went to school and made a batch with my students for a fun little "brunch" treat. But what I want to remember is that I was actually fairly creative in my packaging. I was worried about getting the muffins to the teachers without them getting crushed in transit. Especially considering the messengers. I also wanted them to have somewhat of a "fall look". I was at the store researching options when I spotted these Chinet Comfort Cups...they are for coffee. They were sturdy, they were fall colors. And they were JUST the right size for holding two pumpkin muffins. Plus the cups kept them warm. I don't get to have these creative moments often. I have to savor them when I do!

Okay, a total Seinfeld post. I am rambling about nothing.

I will have more substance again some time. Maybe. :)


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