Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thankful in 2014

I have so many pictures and posts I could share.

But it is Thursday.

And it is a new year.

I need to start this year out right.

With thankfulness.

And when I say that, know they aren't easy words to write. I do have a lot to be thankful for but my house is in chaos right now. And this "break" has been hardly not a break at all...rather a lot of work and activity. That stresses me out. Sometimes stress blinds us to the things we have to be thankful for. 

Thus this post.

I need a reminder.

Or two.  Or three.

So what am I thankful for? (This encompasses the last couple of weeks)
  • A good visit with Mark's family in Mississippi. Our children were pretty well behaved. I can't say that they have all stayed that way but I am thankful at least for a bit they were. :)
  • A vehicle for Mark.  In December, he was hit by another vehicle while sitting at a stoplight.  The insurance company decided to total his vehicle which was highly disappointing. It was paid for.  But in the end, we found a very good deal (thanks to Mark's mom) and now have a "new" used vehicle for Mark to use.
  • The house renovation has started (thus the chaos).  I am not that excited about the process BUT I am trying to keep the end in mind. Trying.
  • A visit with my family this past week.  We finished celebrating Christmas (and New Year's, all in one) yesterday.
  • A full pantry. I am working on an "inventory" so we can save on some groceries this month. We have a lot of food to eat. And I don't need to buy pasta for a few months at least.
  • Our G-Fit trainer who has been coming to the school even over break to lead our workouts. Otherwise the first workout after two weeks would have been REALLY rough.
  • Another holiday down with clean eating for the chemical sensitive kiddo.  It does require extra cooking on my part but it is worth it.
  • Heat. Our heat hasn't been shut off yet. We had snow this morning I am thankful that it won't get turned off (for the renovation) until next week when I am back in school.
  • Packages...they all arrived for Christmas.  Mostly on time. And thankfully none were stolen from our porch.
  • Our little fuzzy face pup.  We left her behind when we visited Mississippi. I missed her like crazy.
  • Lego sets. They keep little busy children busy. In a good way.
  • Facebook.  It has its challenges. And I need to limit my time on there. But I am thankful for the connection it brings me to several people I wouldn't have contact with otherwise (including college friends, high school friends, and even some family members).  Not to mention, it has helped us find some heaters and electric blankets for our upcoming "no heat" period. :)
  • A "living locket" necklace from my husband. I wasn't really expecting a gift. I got that AND a new phone. 
  • Speaking of new phones, I am thankful for my new phone. I didn't realize how much my other phone wasn't working until I got a new one that works wonderfully. 
  • A gift I didn't get.  Not that I wouldn't have appreciated the gift, but Mark's mom told me about something she really wanted to give me but just couldn't. (It is something really pricey) I am so touched that she thought about me and took clues from FB posts to even think about it. (I was never asking for one...usually people contacted me to tell me where they had seen specials on it)
  • A time for giving.  I won't elaborate but giving truly is as rewarding (if not more) than getting.
  • New tennis shoes (thanks, Mom and Dad)
  • A temporary storage unit to hold all of our displaced items.
  • Running into a former co-worker (from my very much younger days) at a rest stop in Lake Village, Arkansas...very random but so fun!
  • Meeting with two friends this week just to share about life and our roles as followers of Christ.  The icing on the cake was when a lady near us stood up and told us that she wasn't trying to listen in but it was obvious we loved the Lord. Then she proceeded to utter a blessing for us all for the new year AND reminded us to pray for those who are lost no matter how hopeless it seems. Apparently she is living proof that God hears those prayers!
  • Chocolate.  Dark chocolate. Just because.
  • Blueberry pancakes. Yum.
  • My children. Even in all of their orneriness.  They make me laugh. Often. When I am not pulling my hair out.
  • Crayons and a coloring book. A wonderful way to relax AND connect with my kiddo.
  • Our candelight service on Christmas Eve.  
  • A little baby who came to earth to grow and later die for me.  Me, a sinner. Me who is undeserving.  Just so I an have eternal life.
  • Another day to share things I am thankful for...
What are you thankful for this week?


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