Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hey, Buddy, Buddy...

I am so very behind on blogging (both on here and on the cooking blog).  And since we are visiting family out of town, I am really trying not to hang out on computer too much.  So today I am going for an easy post.  Then hopefully once I am home again and have a little spare time this week (since our holidays will be winding down), I can start blogging again and catch up.

Buddy.  Our elf.  I am going to share a few more of his adventures before he left us again on Christmas Eve.  Mainly so that I remember in the future what that crazy elf has done...

Let's see...

December 12.  We found Buddy by the Fisher Price nativity reading the Christmas story from Luke.  Wise elf.
 December 13.  Apparently Buddy became Prince Buddy for the day, hanging out in the castle.
 December 14.  Legos!  Buddy brought a Christmas Lego set to work on. Unfortunately, he didn't get very far.  Joshua was more than happy to finish it up for him the next day.
 December 15.  Buddy is hanging out in the "snowball" bucket with the snowman.  Must feel like home to him.
 December 16.  Buddy and the Santas are wearing special glasses and staring at the tree. They make the lights on the tree come to live with different designs and shapes.

 December 17.  Buddy is hanging out with his bud Santa.  Literally.
 December 18.  We found Buddy on top of the fridge hanging out in a Christmas Kleenex box.
 December 19.  "I am the King of the World".  Apparently Buddy wanted geography lessons as he searched for the North Pole on our globe.
 December 20.  We had a hard time finding Buddy.  Finally he was spotted in the garage, hanging out in our change jar. 

 December 21.  Where's Buddy?
 Oh, he is hanging out in Maria's stocking!
 December 22.  Uh oh, Buddy. You are in trouble.  You have made the natives and the cowboys angry...they have you surrounded!
 December 23.  We found Buddy attempting to wrap something. Oh, Buddy, you are making a mess!

 December 24.  His last night with us.  Buddy was spotted on top of Marley's crate...
 with a book about Marley!  How thoughtful is that?
Of course, on December 25, Buddy was nowhere to be found. He apparently hopped into the sleigh with Santa.  Hope he comes back next year!


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