Sunday, August 2, 2015

44 and Counting...

Yes, I realize my summer is almost over and I didn't post ONE time. How is that possible?

I do have some things to share. Soon.

But today is my "big" day.


Another birthday.

And that means I have to continue my birthday tradition of sharing some of the blessings in my life I am so very thankful for. Since this year I am 44 (I had to subtract years to figure that out), here are 44 gratitudes. In no particular order.  And please don't count to see how many items are food-related... :)

44.  Reading the paper as I eat breakfast.
43.  New workout wear/attire.  It is an addiction.
42.  Slow dancing with my husband. A VERY rare treat.
41.  Sweet words from my students (both present and past).
40.  Walking along the beach with the waves splashing my bare feet.
39.  The majestic colors of the sunset.
38.  Shopping with Child 2. She makes me laugh.
37.  An ice cold Coke. Preferably from McDonald's.
36.  Afternoon naps with the little pup curled up next to me.
35.  My praise and worship songs on my ipod.
34.  My Fitbit. (I am on number 4...HIGHLY recommend the 2 year warranty)  Especially when it vibrates, meaning I have reached 10, 000 steps.
33.  Bacon and cheese bunsters on a Saturday morning.
32.  Sundays. A day of worship, then a day of rest.
31.  Reading a good book or doing a jigsaw puzzle. They both make me happy.
30.  A rainbow across the gray sky.
29.  An empty sink.  Another rare treat.
28.  The imagination of my 8 year old.
27.  Weekly date nights with my husband.
26.  The "volcano" roll. (A sushi roll).
25.  Magnolia blossoms on my little magnolia tree (a gift from my sweetie last year on my birthday).
24.  Watching cousins swim together while my sister, Mom, and I chat.
23.  My reading glasses. I don't like needing them but I am glad I have them.
22. A successful surgery for my husband.
21.  Encouraging texts and e-mails from friends on hard days.
20.  The heated seats in my van.  Especially in the winter.
19.  The beautiful colors of fall.
18.  A hike in the woods (even better if a waterfall is involved).
17.  The dependability of child 1. 
16.  Cheese pizza.  From Chicago is even better.
15.  My Macbook. Even if the Internet is a bit slow sometimes.
14.  Springtime when the world comes back to life.
13.  The Psalms. I have been "living" in them this challenging summer!
12.  Not having to set my alarm clock in the summer and on the weekends.
11.  Dancing around my bedroom as I blast music from my i-pod.
10.  Seafood. Cooked just about any way.
9.  A fun night of badminton.
8.  Memories of special times with my grandparents.
7.  A new box of markers for school.
6.  Warm vanilla sugar soap/bath gel from Bath and Bodyworks.
5.  Deep discussions with child 3.
4.  Organizing and decluttering. I love to do it. I just don't get to very often.
3.  Our Bible Fellowship class. A place where we can openly share our struggles and our praises, pray together, learn together. 
2.  Pedicured toes. Especially with a little artwork on my big toe.
1.  And last but not least, you. Only those who truly love me would read this far down. Or read this at all. :) 

More later,

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  1. Happy Birthday, Reba! I hope you had a wonderful summer.


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