Tuesday, December 1, 2009


One more quick post...

I have mentioned Bonnie several times on here. (I would covet continued prayers for her as she enters the first Christmas without her husband Thomas here) I have also mentioned Hannah Grace. Just about three months ago, little Hannah Grace was not feeling well. Her parents took her to the doctor and learned that she had a diagnosis of leukemia. Unfortunately, since that time, she has had some complications, mostly involving strokes which have affected her brain. Now Hannah Grace is on a ventilator and sleeps much of the time. Her parents are treasuring their time with her which appears (at least to the human heart and eye) to be coming to an end...at least here on earth. All that to say, Bonnie and Hannah's mom were co-workers and are still friends. Bonnie just visited Hannah (and parents) and has offered a lot of support and encouragement to Hannah's mom. Well, today, Bonnie's daughter Caroline shared something with Bonnie. I cannot tell the story right, so I would just encourage you to read Hannah Grace's website to see the conversation. Just know it gave me chills (and brought tears to my eye). Sometimes I am not so sure that God doesn't give children views of Him that we don't see...



  1. I know Reba when I read that story I just sat on the couch with tears streaming down my face. An amazing story. I pray for that sweet family everyday.

  2. Oh, Reba, what a sad wonderful story. I finally sat down and read through Hannah's site on Sunday, and just bawled my way through it. It's times like this when I remind myself to be thankful for my loud rambunctious children--to be thankful even when I am tired and am the only adult here to deal with everyone--because everything can change in the blink of an eye. Thank you for sharing.


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