Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Rest is Gravy

I love Appetizer Day. I love the Thanksgiving meal. But another meal I love is the turkey and gravy, a family tradition. A couple days after Thanksgiving, my mom makes a big pot of gravy with pieces of turkey. Then she bakes some biscuits. We pour the turkey and gravy over the biscuits and enjoy. It is just one of those a comfort food. Yum! I enjoyed every bite. (And there were still leftover appetizers to enjoy as well as...Christmas punch. :) It was a delicious end to the week. And I may have just overindulged tonight. I hate to see a good stuffed mushroom go to waste!

We had a good day leading up to this good food. Once again, we slept in until 9:00. Two days in a row. I was shocked and amazed and a little confused...that just never happens around here. We had just a lazy morning (my favorite kind). Then a little bit after lunch, a young lady from our neighborhood came down to watch the kids for a few hours. Mark and I got to go on a "double date"! We met up with my sister and her husband for a movie matinee. (We saw "The Blind Side" which I will comment on in another post very soon.) We even got to run a quick errand before heading home.

And now I am back to the beginning. Our delicious dinner. Along with the dinner, we had a very intense Razorback game on in the background (didn't go our way today but it was a good game). Loved the casual conversation (and sometimes teary, other times full of laughter) conversation with my mom and sister, those are special times to me. I so wish they lived closer and we could do that more often! And I loved the entertainment. With seven kids in the house, ages 10 and younger, there is a LOT of entertainment. They entertain each other (sometimes to our chagrin) and other times they entertain us. There was a lot of laughter this evening. A house bursting with love!

There is more to add but I am fading. We had another late night, so my time is more limited.

More later,

PS Thank you for the link for the reusable bags, Kathy. I will check them out!


  1. Sounds like you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I'm also anxious to hear your review of the movie. The trailers look good though.

  2. Turkey and gravy sounds yummy! So glad you had a relaxing Thanksgiving--we went to Mountain Home for a few days and really enjoyed it. I know what you mean about wishing sisters lived closer--I feel the same way about mine:-)


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