Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The (Not So) Serious Questions of Life

I could be serious. Could. It has been a humdinger of a day. One sick child. Another one who is pushing all of mamma's buttons right now. Still reeling from the news of Ms. Carol. Piles and piles of laundry. And unexpected bills. Blech. Instead, I am going to be not so serious. Just because I can.

  • Why do my children insist on painting or playing with play dough on the day that we have a clean floor (which will never stay clean during painting or playing with play dough)?
  • How does thirty minutes of exercise sometimes feel like hours to me?
  • Why do I walk into MY bedroom and find children's toys, shoes, clothing in there?
  • When did I stop having my bathroom sink to myself? (And why don't they ever hang out at Daddy's sink?)
  • Did we decide to skip Thanksgiving this year? I hear all about Christmas, see Christmas, etc. Don't we have another holiday to celebrate first?
  • Why are most discipline techniques more work for the parents than the kids?
  • Why do we have Daylight Savings Time anyway? All it does is mess up the sleep patterns AND the shining personalities of my little ones. That and I really dislike it getting dark mid-afternoon!
  • How does God make such amazing sunsets every night? They are different yet all beautiful in their own way.
  • Why do I check my Words with Friends games and not have any that I need to play, then five minutes later I check and all of a sudden I have 14 that are "my turn"? How does that happen?
  • Why is Mtn. Dew not good for you?
  • Can one ever truly be caught up on laundry?
  • Will our spring/summer clothing ever truly be put away? A.k.a. Will I ever see my dining room again?
  • Why does it seem like everyone else's life is a bit more exciting and adventurous? (And full of a lot of things we can't afford to do...)
  • How can I tone down Christmas without looking like I am toning it down?
  • Why do I have all of these blogging ideas but when I lay down at night with the computer sitting on my lap, I fall asleep?

Okay, I better stop for now. I probably need to be up and around and getting ready for school. What are your not so serious questions about life?

Have a good one.


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  1. Why do my children come down with a stomach bug overnight after I changed the sheets earlier that day? Why does it rain the day after I clean my floors? Why do we days without homework, yet the one night we have plans, we get 10 pages of homework? Wow...I guess there are lots of questions I have about life's ironies! Hope everyone is feeling better!


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