Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Mom's Want Ad

I have been thinking about what kinds of things might be included in a want ad for a mom. Here are just a few, though you know that the list could go on and on and on and on...feel free to add in a few here and there (in the comments section).

Wanted: One Mother
Pay: Hugs and Kisses and a very rare "thank you"
Hours: 24/7 all year long. No holidays. No vacations.

The mother must be able to...
  • act excited when being fed yet another pretend "cookie" and drinking a pretend milk from a tiny little plastic cup
  • simultaneously brush their own teeth while brushing the hair of their daughter
  • get knots of any size or complexity out of shoestrings
  • endure the stomping feet and the rolling eyes that will appear when homework, chores, or punishments are mentioned
  • predict the weather for the day as your children are getting dressed each morning
  • pretend to race their children to their room yet make sure not to win...
  • laugh at jokes that really have no punch lines
  • give up the last brownie to the child who is giving his/her puppy dog eyes
  • listen to three conversations in the car at the same time
  • read the same book over and over and over again
  • make up songs to fit any mundane chore (such as the Brushing Teeth song)
  • create a menu that is healthy, not too pricey, and pleasing to all in the household
  • pray daily for and with their child(ren)
  • strong enough to leave a basketball game with a child who is in the midst of a temper tantrum even when it feels like everyone's eyes are on both of you
  • eat cold meals by the time you finish dishing out everyone else's meals, get another napkin, refill cups of milk, wipe up a spill, etc
  • check over one child's homework while calling out spelling words for another
  • remember that each child is in charge of their OWN choices and that bad choices don't automatically condemn them as a bad mom (working on this one at our house)
  • play a game of Memory when you really just want to sink into a chair and play a few rounds of Words with Friends
  • deny your child the cell phone, t.v., Facebook, etc that "everyone else has" just because you love them
  • do just "one more thing" before going to bed no matter how exhausted you are to start all over the next time...
  • mediate arguments between two children even though your head is throbbing
  • dole out consequences for misbehavior but then remember what consequences were doled out
  • answer questions about just about everything, from the simple (what does ham come from?) to the complex ("Why do people have to die?")
  • be in two places at one time on days that multiple children have multiple activities going on
  • start your Saturday with cartoons and children in your bed
  • read your newspaper as you field a thousand morning questions
  • remember the tiniest details of your children's early lives for those days they want to reminisce...
  • act enthusiastic about algebra even if the sight of the equations makes you physically ill
  • let children fight their own battles sometimes even though your hands are clenched the whole time
  • love your child even as he/she screams how mean you are
  • laugh at is the only way to survive
  • give up a part of your heart for each child
  • question each and every decision you make regarding your children in hopes of doing it right
  • give up some personal dreams, some trips, some social life to be home and be a mom
  • stop and remember nights like this, nights when you wish the world would stop and you could just wallow in the happiness and joy being a mother can bring...


  1. Had to laugh at the Burshing Your Teeth Song - we have one of those although lately Rudy doesn't want to hear it anymore. I guess that's progress!

  2. Blogger should add a "LOVE IT" button! This is great! and so true!! I have to simultaneously brush my teeth while helping Case to brush his and then get his shoes on! :)

  3. Great list. Actually showed it to my Hubby and of course he wants A dad want ad. I'm guessing his would be a lot shorter then yours. Moms rule! :) (He does his fair share but I think I do more.)

  4. Hey this sounds like you... !!



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