Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh Glorious Day

Oh Glorious Day!

Or maybe not so much.

My allergies are acting up. My eyes itch and hurt from dryness. I keep sneezing. Fun stuff.

We had indoor recess. Again. The outdoors are there for a reason. Sanity. Children need to be outside every day. Every single one.

The weather. Oh the weather. Today we experienced a wide range of weather. We woke up to sunlight (which was a pleasant treat). Some time mid morning, the clouds moved in. Rain, lots of rain. Oh, and a little snow mixed in. Then at some point we had hail. And when we came home, it was sleeting cute little balls of ice. And did I mention how cold it was today?

I had wailing and gnashing of teeth tonight when a child had to scrub the floor (after using dry erase marker on a board on the floor and missing the board several times. By the way, dry erase marker doesn't seem to come out.). I think the word "mean" was used several times...from their mouth, not mine.

I am getting killed in several Words with Friends games. I feel dumb. And the thing is, sometimes I am. But sometimes when you get vowels every single round, there is only so much you can do.

I found out a friend was moving. I don't like people to move away.

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day...have you ever been in an elementary school on April Fool's Day? Oh, fun, lots of fun. No, not really.

Next week is standardized testing. I could write pages on this but won't. Just know it puts a big dark cloud over my head for a couple of weeks...

I didn't exercise tonight which I needed to do. But I am tired.

I am trying to clean up this house. I can't do it. Every time I turn around, another child has made a mess and seems oblivious TO the mess.

But about dinnertime, the kids noticed. The sun was shining. No more sleet, now more hail. Sunshine.

So I had to peek of course. I have a thing for sunsets. And I was not disappointed.

Isn't that just like God?

Things don't go the way we want them to. There are storms in our lives. Some days it feels like we are getting pelted by troubles.

Yet in the end, He is there. He always was. We may not always see Him, but He is there.

Oh Glorious Day!


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