Friday, December 2, 2011

Hey, Buddy, Buddy

Last year I started hearing about The Elf on the Shelf. Some of the teachers had guest elves in their classroom. And some friends and family had elves visiting their homes. But alas, no elf at our house. Perhaps Santa's little helpers had heard about our household. Or maybe they were short staffed. I don't know.

But this year...

This year...


an elf was assigned to our family. Poor fellow.

Last night Mark and I had to be out for a fundraiser event. That could be a post in itself. But I will spare you.

Anyway, as you probably remember, we have the whole book holiday book tradition.

The kids are supposed to open a book a night from December 1 through December 24. Like a book each.

The only problem is that for some reason, December snuck up on me. I don't know how. (Word is highlighting "snuck" for me but it just works here, so deal with it :) I mean, December 1 was right after November 30, just like every other year. But for some reason, I wasn't prepared. At all. One book. One total. That is all I got wrapped.

We left the house with instructions for the sitter and for the kids. (By the way, the sitter was in my kindergarten class once upon a time!) I told them they would just have to share the book. And then of course doled out promises to have more books wrapped tomorrow (now today).

And I did. A few more anyway. This may be done in stages this year.

Anyway, this is neither here nor there. Or anywhere.

The book. They opened up the Elf on the Shelf book.

I wasn't here to participate in the reading.


So fast forward to this morning.

We get up and what should we find in our living room hanging out with the books I have wrapped (which are sitting upon the coffee table since we have no tree up...), but a cute little elf.

Apparently he has been signing in on the official certificate in the book. He writes kind of small.
The kids had some fun names, including Marba (for Mark and Reba). But in the end, Dad threw out a suggestion and it stuck. Buddy. (If you have ever watched the movie Elf you understand why :)

And what happens first thing?

A child, who I will not name but will say is old enough to know better, was just standing there, holding the elf.


Did you NOT read the book?

It says specifically DO NOT TOUCH.

Oh, this poor Elf. He is going to get a workout running to the North Pole each night to talk to Santa.

Some time today, Buddy moved ...After school, he was spotted in a NEW spot with a little typed message for Santa. You know, the whole, "Things are going well here at camp but the kids won't leave me alone" kind of message.

Sadly, the afternoon was not so grand for another child (who will remain unnamed...we can just call them Turkey). I have a feeling Buddy is going to be tattling tonight!

Ironically when the kids found Buddy in his new spot with his little "complaint/suggestion", another child immediately went over to pick him up. Did these people not read at all???

I guess that they finally understand the rules. Today at some point, Buddy moved to a new spot. (probably after hearing about the day of one of the kids). The oldest two kids worked together to figure out how to set him back up without touching him. I am still not positive what they did. I just know that pliers were involved. And they didn't touch him again. At least not where I could see.

It will be interesting to see what Buddy will do while hanging out with us. I wonder if he will be a good influence on us or we will be a bad influence on him?

Deep thoughts by Reba



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