Monday, July 30, 2012

Saying Thanks Sunday

So I missed Thankful Thursday this past week. It wasn't intentional. And it wasn't that I wasn't thankful.  But it has been a BIG week for me as I implement some new parenting techniques and help one or more of my children move beyond some difficulties in their lives.  But that is all for another day.  Anyway, even in the midst of challenges, I have a LOT to be thankful for. Even when I am too tired to articulate that. So today will just be a delayed Thankful Thursday. We will call it Saying Thanks Sunday...

  • In trying to help one of my kids (who is very sensory seeking), over and over we found that a mini trampoline was recommended. Except that it feels like we have spent a lot of money this summer (that time of year) so I was reluctant.  I checked out Craigslist. Nothing.  I mentioned it on Facebook.  A friend replied that I was welcome to come get hers...for free.  A HUGE answer to prayer!  In just one day it has already been put to good use.
  • A visit with a friend of a friend who just listened and sweetly advised me on how to help with some of those parenting struggles
  • A husband who goes grocery shopping.  And not only that, takes two kids with him so I get a little quiet time.
  • Air conditioning. 
  • Our one rain this past week. First in a month or more.  It didn't last long enough but we will take what we can get.
  • A shaved ice outing with a friend
  • A visit with an aunt and uncle who live away from here.
  • Watching my kids swim at dusk in my parents' pool
  • A "break" on a price of something I wanted/needed for one of my kids
  • A school supply shopping date with my up and coming kindergarten student
  • Dinner out last night with a stop at the park (it had cooled off to 99 degrees or so :)
  • A daughter with a gift of empathy who sends me sweet e-cards on hard days
  • A little weight lost (though I think the next few pounds will be the hardest...)
  • The watching the gymnastics with my girls
  • A fruit bowl.  We have always had it but I have moved it down to the table rather than on top of our fridge. My kids are eating fruit like crazy.
  • A sweet offer from a friend
I know there are more. And I wish I could give more details on some of these but I try to be careful to walk that balance between honesty and protecting my family...

I just know that even in the tough times, God is there.

And for that, I am thankful.

So, what are you thankful for this week?


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