Thursday, August 2, 2012

41 Birthday Blessings...And Counting

This time last year, I was on the beach.  Both dreading and enjoying the big 4-0.

And here I am a year later.

Not on the beach.

But, I am...

A few pounds lighter. A few muscles heavier.  A little eyesight weaker. 

It has been a year of growth.  And loss.  Joy.  And sorrow.  Changes. Conflicts.  Disappointments. Adventures.

But overall, it wasn't so bad.

Yet I am more and more aware each day (as I squint at a screen that is too close) that I am not getting any younger.

And more and more, I understand the longing for heaven.  When I was younger, I didn't. I mean, why leave the pleasure on earth? Except these pleasures are temporary.  And the pain can be intense.

Many days I long to see my Savior.

But my time here isn't done yet. 

So, while I continue on this journey of life, I must take time (as I do each year) to celebrate the blessings in my life.  The things that make my heart happy.  The joys that are gifts from my Heavenly father to me...

Here they are, in no particular order...

41.  My big "deer" blanket that is actually my husband's. I just kind of took it over.  Even in the summer, I love to curl up on the bed with it.
40.  Our little fuzzy furball.  I can't believe she has been here a year already.  My little Marley is a HUGE blessing in a little body.  She is my calm at the end of the day.
39.  White lilies or magnolia flowers.  Both are specimens of beauty to me.
38.  Chicago pizza.  I mean, it is inches and inches of gooey cheese.  What is there not to love?
37.  A good afternoon nap. A rarity but still treasured.
36.  A hike in the woods on a fall day.
35.  Watching my students discover and learn...some days I can literally see those light bulbs go off!
34.  My Mac. It has been a good friend to me. And it turns on WAY faster than my HP ever did.
33.  A chilled Ghirardelli dark chocolate with sea salt caramel square.  I eat one a day. Dark chocolate is good for you. :)
32.  Buying clothes in a smaller size.
31.  The deep belly laugh of Child 4
30.  Walking along the beach, barefoot, as I listen to the waves crash against the sand
29.  Sunsets.  They just amaze me.
28.  Fresh herbs, especially basil, cilantro, and thyme. How did I go my whole life not knowing about those?
27.  My iphone, particularly the music on it. It is an eclectic mix but each song is on there for a reason.  The songs cover many phases of my life and are full of memories.
26.  The unwavering faith and strong convictions of Child 1.
25.  The newspaper. You know, the one in black and white print.  I still love to sit down to breakfast while reading my morning paper.
24.  A God who surprises me over and over again with unexpected blessings
23.  Paid off vehicles.
22.  Dates with my husband, whether it is for a dinner out, a weekend away, or a quick shaved ice run.  I love any and all time I get with that man.
21.  Organized shelves and closets. I have a lot to do and a long way to go. But it sure makes me happy when I get some of that accomplished...
20.  Pinterest.  I am such a visual person. Seeing pictures and saving them just appeals to me. I have found some WONDERFUL recipes and teaching ideas through Pinterest.  It can be a time killer BUT it also saves me time by showing me the best of the best. :)
19.  The smell of a fresh rain (I vaguely remember...)
18.  Time with my parents and sister/family. It is never enough, but it is such a treasured time when it does.
17.  Child 3's willingness AND eagerness to help with cooking, shopping, and cleaning.  As long as it is her idea. :)
16.  Friendships. I have learned a lot about friendships this year, some happy lessons...others not. But I am thankful for friends who encourage, who check up on me, who pray for me, who actually seek time to spend with me. I pray I will be that friend too.
15.  My blogs. I am "behind" on a couple but I am thankful for them. They are my "scrapbook" whether it is family or food.  I know that blogging is "out" while Twitter is "in". But my blogs are still my outlet, a little bit of therapy after a hard day.
14.  Pedicures.  They are a special treat, but they always make me smile. Especially when I get a picture painted on my big toes.
13.  Reading a good book. A fun book.  Not necessarily a parenting book.
12.  The encouragement of child 2.  I get e-cards, notes, little gifts, and even just a hug on a hard day from her.
11.  My Sweating to the Oldies DVD's. Yes, I know.  Richard Simmons is a bit over the top sometimes. But I can actually keep up, still get a good workout, and get to enjoy fun music...
10.  Midnight talks with my husband when neither of us can sleep.  Okay, it is rare...we usually are exhausted by the end of the day. But I love pillow talk and just getting to share what is on our  minds and hearts.
9.  My Bible Fellowship folks. 
8.  Payday!
7.  Evenings outside in early summer (before it is blazing hot), watching the kids play and the dog chase the soccer ball
6.  Baked potato soup on a cold day
5.  Family movie night (usually a DVD, popcorn, and Shakes)
4.  A dedicated husband who get up each day to work and support our family (and then comes home to work and support our family :)
3.  My crockpot. It makes my life SOOO much easier.
2.  Waterfalls.  I am not sure what the fascination is but they bring me peace and joy.
1.  You.  Thank you for being part of my life!


  1. Happy Birthday Reba!!! That was a beautiful list of blessing! Nice reminder of the things we can take for granted so easily everyday!! Thanks. I hope you have a great birthday!!

  2. and i am grateful for you. for the past 6 or 7 years, i've read your list. you remind to be thankful for so much. nothing is more important to me than the people in my life. tonight i am celebrating you... You enrich my soul. Happy birthday, and my best wishes for a magical year ahead.


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