Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Reason for the Season

So many things to say, so little time.

I feel SOOOOO behind in Bloggerland.

Part of me hears the word "failure" over and over in my mind.

But honestly, I am not just lollygagging.

Every moment of the month has been filled.

Filled with appointments.  School.  End of the semester assessments.  Homework (for the kids).  Meals.  Christmas parties.  A child's birthday.  Wrapping books.  Buying gifts.  Writing out cards (actually, still working on that one :).  Cleaning the house.  Remodeling the toyroom.  Gifts for teachers.  Gifts for students.  Gifts for students to give to their parents.  Special holiday treats.  Making Christmas cookies for Santa. Driving around to look at lights.

I have gone to bed after 1 most days the last two weeks. 

I wake up exhausted.

I am exhausted.

I find myself prioritizing...what has to be done.

That is why as much as I love Christmas cards, they are going out late (though I had them printed early).

They are important but not top priority.

The one positive is that we aren't celebrating Christmas for another few days with my family.

So I haven't had to wrap everything. Yet. :)

And it has been good.

It really has.

I have lots of pics to share.

But that isn't what the post is about.

This is about one little baby.

The reason for the season.

I know, I know. That saying is posted on cards and signs and uttered often this time of year.

But how often do we really stop to think about it?

Last night we attended our church candelight service.

I will admit, when our pastor started those a few years ago, I balked.

Christmas is a time to be home.

A time to be with family at home.

This service was going to interfere.

I mean, I can worship at home.

But Hubs insisted we go.

And it was beautiful.  A beautiful time to worship.  With my family.

So we have gone every year since.

The last couple of years I have put baked potato soup in the crockpot so it was hot and ready when we came home.

Then my parents have joined us for dinner and to watch the kids open up presents from us and their "secret Santa sibling".  (We do family gifts Christmas Eve, Santa gifts Christmas morning)

I have actually come to treasure that candelight service.

It forces me to be still.

I can't worry about sending out Christmas cards, getting gifts wrapped,  making all of the good "holiday" foods. 

All I can do is be still.

Be still and know He is God.

It is in that quiet sanctuary, candles aglow, singing Silent Night, that brings tears to my eyes every year.

I love the time with family.  The gifts (both giving and receiving...I won't lie :).  The food.  The giving nature of the world around us.

But those are NOT the reason for the season.

The reason for the season is Jesus.

It is a God who loves me in spite of all I am.  Even with my many shortcomings.  My prideful heart. My selfish nature. My deeply rooted humanity.  He loves me for all of the things I am in spite of what I am not (patient, always sweet spirited, joyful in all things).

He loved me so much that He sent a little baby to earth for the sole purpose of later dying so I, in all my imperfectness, could have eternal life.

And when I take time to really think about that, it is overwhelming to me.

I am loved.  Unconditionally.

I am worthy even when I don't feel like it.

I am treasured, even when the world throws stones my way.

That is the reason for the season.  The reason I celebrate. 

Merry Christmas to you!


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