Saturday, February 9, 2013

Are We Having Fun Yet?

It all sounded like fun.

Child 2 has a volleyball tournament about 2 hours from home in the big T-Town.  (Tulsa)

We really debated about how to handle this one.  Last week's was an hour away, so we just stayed at home and traveled for the games.  However, this one is a bit further.  And even more, the girls played early this morning.

We finally decided we would have a little "weekend" outing.  As a family.  Well, mostly as a family. Child 1 stayed behind to hang with the grandparents and help dog sit (his choice :).

We haven't done one of those in a LONG time.

I didn't realize how long until we got to the hotel and the two youngest kids acted like we had never seen or been in a hotel before...

The kids have been excited ALL week.

So very early this morning, Hubby got up with child 1 and headed this way for today's games.  I stayed behind and had a leisurely kind of morning with the others until we were ready to head down the road.  I would have loved to watch all of the games but I was pretty sure back to back game days would be too much for the younger two which would be two much for me.


Hiccup one.

Hubby texts just as we finished packing to let us know there is only an outdoor pool. 


That was how we planned on keeping the little people busy.  And how we planned on wearing them out.

How did we miss that tidbit of information?

They actually handled the news better than I did, even though they had JUST packed their swimsuits.

I had to laugh that Child 4 was still holding out hope that there might be a hot tub which would be nice this time of year.

There wasn't. :)

Hiccup two.

As we drive this way, it gets colder and wetter outside.  By the time we arrived at the hotel, it felt miserable.

I don't want to complain too much when I know the NE is getting hit with a lot of snow.

But it wasn't pleasant weather.

And even worse, my hopes of going to the zoo (another way to burn off some young kid energy) were dashed.

Finally, after a fairly uneventful trip we arrived.

And then there was Hiccup 3.

Snack bag...not in the car.  Which means I left it home on the counter (probably because I was getting peppered with a million questions as I tried to get everything together to leave).  That wouldn't be too big a deal except that I have that food sensitive child who can only eat certain things.  And one kiddo had some medicine to take which is not with us either.  Ugh.

Hiccup 4

Hubby is sick. He had been sick most of the day but by the time we arrived (and I am sure this is coincidental :), I am pretty sure he had a migraine. He was miserable. And so was I at this point.

Hiccup 5
The fourth floor. That is where we were place.  The fourth floor. The top floor.  I know some people prefer the top. Not me. I want ground floor. It is so hard keeping little people feet quiet. Especially those who don't just walk but those who hop, skip, and flip.

Hiccup 6
As we headed to the restaurant (Cheesecake Factory...yum!), I realized that I left some of the condiments for my food sensitive child in the hotel fridge.  Ugh again.

In spite of all the hiccups, we have had a few fun moments.  It has been fun watching Child 2 get to know her teammates better as they hung out in the lobby, fixing hair, talking, etc.  And while we have had a few "come to Jesus" moments, life really is getting easier with the younger ones.  They are calmer (most of the time) and more self-sufficient.  Hubby is starting to feel better.  I got some turtle cheesecake (then got to work out to work off those calories).  I get to go shopping tomorrow after the games...a treat!  (nothing major, just some little things) 

So are we having fun yet?

That remains to be seen.

Not the fun I thought.

But sometimes we just have to make the most of what we have.

So that is what I am doing.


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