Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday Thoughts

Here it is, Thursday.

And I am behind.

In life.  In blogging.  In doing my taxes.  In housework.  In almost all areas of my life. 

Well, except for maybe cooking. 

That is all I have done this week.

Or at least it feels like that. :)

I will just say I am ready for the weekend. 

But in spite of it all, I am thankful today.


  • my new large container of yeast.  I am baking a lot these days.  Now if I could just figure out a way to have an endless supply of flour...
  • a sweet conversation with child 4 about his adoption and his (short) life in Guatemala.  I love that he told me that his time in his birthmom's tummy was like a "dream".  Why? Because he doesn't remember any of it. :)
  • Child 4's teacher sharing some positives about his this week
  • a teacher from our school telling me that she is seeing BIG changes in Child 3 this year...good changes
  • getting to stay for the whole Zumba session today (a rare treat...I usually leave early to pick up kids)
  • lunch with my husband today (which consisted of my favorite salad ever).  It is a rare treat to have an uninterrupted conversation
  • grilled cheese on homemade bread.  Um, yum.
  • fun times as we sing along with Child 2's i-pod music around the dinner table
  • convicting articles about electronic devices (written for parents).  Not that I like being convicted but sometimes I need to be.  
  • a weekend trip with most of the family coming up
  • warm weather.  I want it to stay!
  • staying up late to watch a little TV with my hubby (another rare treat)
  • new ink pens.  (All of my pens lately have been dying.  I appreciate pens that work so much more now.
  • seeing my son in his semi-formal outfit.  He looked so grown up. Okay, I might not be so thankful for that. :)
  • time with my dear high school friend last weekend.  Made my heart smile all week!

What are you thankful for this week?


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