Friday, May 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday...Hello Again!

I know, I know.

It has been a while.

My friend Randy asked about it not long ago.

"Thankful Thursday?"

I haven't forgotten.

I think of it actually every Thursday.

All I can say is this time of year, I am in complete survival mode.

The end of school is about as hard (and maybe AS hard but in a different way) than the beginning of school for teachers. So much to do.

In fact, I have been "out" one whole day now and I am STILL not done.  That is after working most of Memorial Day weekend on school stuff.

No pity parties here, just 'splainin my self.

I will admit, thankfulness has been a bit more difficult lately.  Nothing major, just seems like every time we turn around, there is another unexpected expense waiting to be paid.  And just the craziness of life.  And the challenges of parenting.  And the restless spirit of mine confined to the house with these crazy people.  You know, that kind of stuff.

But I think I can find a few things to be thankful for...

  • School's out!  Okay, not completely since I still have to finish my classroom. But I am 80 percent of the way done. :)  
  • No lunches to pack, homework to check, papers to sign!  For a couple months anyway.
  • The alarm is OFF.  I can sleep in every morning if I want. I won't because my body automatically wakes up but I can linger in bed if I want.
  • A possible raise.  
  • A good end to the year for all four kids.
  • Miss Marley.  We went for a hike last weekend (which she LOVES to do).  Unfortunately, when we got home, we realized that Marley's harness had rubbed her raw under her "arms", and she was COVERED with ticks.  For a few days, she was very reclusive. She would hide under the bed, not eat or drink much of anything, just lay there.  Yesterday I was ready to take her to the vet/doggy hospital but they couldn't get her in until Friday.  I came home for lunch feeling defeated; we somehow lured her into eating.  And since then, she has transitioned back to her normal self.  I am still keeping an eye on her though.
  • Safety.  Two times now in the past couple of week we have had severe weather in our area.  And thankfully, both times it has passed us (as I write in the midst of one of those storms :).
  • T-ball.  Coming to an end.  Don't get me wrong. I love watching my little guy play.  And he really enjoys it.  I am just ready for some lazy evenings.  This is the one time of year we don't have a bunch of activities going on at once (other than some v-ball camps for child 2).  I like the slower pace.
  • These cooler days.  It has not been the warmest May. In fact, most days it has been near perfect.  High 70's, low 80's. And once the sun sets, the temps drop even more.  Last night I went for a walk with the girls around the neighborhood. It was perfect out.  Not too hot, not too cold, a nice breeze. I love it!
  • A prescription card.  My insurance has decided not to pay for a monthly prescription that one of us uses.  But thankfully that medicine's company is having a "rebate" type of special for the rest of the year so that we pay a minimal amount.  At least until December.  Then I may be selling plasma or something to pay for it... :)
  • Time with cousins. My sister's kids are visiting right now. They are staying with my mom but we get to see them every now and then.  My kids want to see them ALL of the time. :)  We try not to overdo it.  But I love that they all have so much fun together.
  • A calm dog in the midst of storms. Doesn't faze her at all.
  • The imagination of child 4.  He keeps us in stitches (if he doesn't have us crying :).
  • The helpfulness of child 3.  She will just decide to unload the dryer and will fold clothes just because.
  • The patience of both child 1 and child 2 who have been so helpful with their younger siblings while I have dealt with school things.
  • Surprise sweet texts from the hubby during the day
  • A fixed ice maker/fridge.  And we figured it out all by ourselves! (with the help of FB friends and Google)
I am sure there is more but I am ready to get a little sleep.

It is good to be back!  Hopefully with the carefree days of summer, I can get here more often. :)


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