Sunday, June 2, 2013

What a difference...

a year makes.

Last summer was NOT my favorite summer.

My husband had just been "unhired".

We were living in limbo.

We were dealing with some kid struggles.

Major struggles.

As in dreading to wake up every day struggles.

I felt like a prisoner in my own house.

Fast forward to this year...

Hubby owns his own company.

Okay, in some ways, it is like limbo.

We don't have that set paycheck.

But he is doing what he loves to do.

And our bills are paid.

It isn't perfect. 

Lately we have had a lot of "expenses".  It is easy to panic a bit. Or a lot.

But still, God is faithful.

(Just for the record, He was faithful last summer too...just feeling it more this year I suppose)

And the kid struggles?

Well, with four kids, there will always be struggles.

But so far our summer is off to a great start.

The kids are getting along.  Even playing together.

Meltdowns (both child and mom) have been pretty nonexistent.

And I have even run a few errands, leaving the oldest in charge.  When I come home, NO complaints.

I am actually looking forward to this summer.

So many other things have changed in the past year...

Our eating habits.

My weight.

Our house (though it is still a work in progress).

Our children.  (I am going to do a special post about them this week)

Our health (both good and bad :).

Who knew what a difference one year could make?


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  1. Praise God! Yes you have made huge strides.
    carson is doing much better being Gluten free. We also started him on an all natural medication for ADD/ADHA which is working well too. He still struggles but is doing much, much better. I think of you often.


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