Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wishful Thinking...

I had all intentions of doing a Thankful Thursday post.

I got as far as the title.

Not that I am not thankful...though maybe not as much this week as some weeks.

I just fell asleep.

Besides, I have been more in "wishful" thinking mode recently.

I probably should stick with thankfulness.

I wish...
  • that I could wear flip flops. SOOO many cute flip flops.  But, alas, they kill my feet.  I cannot stand for that strap to be between my toes.  So I am in the not as cute slides for the summer, should summer ever arrive.
  • sometimes I could just buy food without reading the label or checking a list.
  • sometimes we could just have a spontaneous meal out that required no planning on my part.
  • I could find more time to blog.  Too many thoughts swirl through my brain endlessly.
  • we would have a nice weekend for either hiking or cleaning out the garage.  Hiking sounds more fun.
  • I could get "caught" up on life.
  • we had a family counselor always on call for the many parenting moments I have where I wonder, "What on earth do I do now?"
  • one child would be more humble, another more positive, another softer spoken, and another respectful...
  • I could visit some of the waterfalls around Arkansas.
  • my tooth would stop hurting...I don't have the time or money for a root canal.
  • it felt like spring.
  • avocados weren't so high in fat and calories (I know it is a good fat but it is still high cal).
  • I could Zumba without having to stop every few minutes to deal with a wayward child.
  • I could spend an hour or two snuggling with my parents' new pup.  It is like therapy in a little ball of fur.
  • insurance companies were easier to deal with.
  • my family was more in tune with my needs and wants (without me having to spell them out). 
  • I could figure out how to cook hashbrown potatoes correctly.
  • that flour were low calorie.
  • my house always smelled like homemade bread.
  • I could sleep in.
  • people could spell and use "lose" and "loose" correctly.
  • I were better about my quiet times.
  • our shower wouldn't drip.
  • I weren't using heated seats in the month of May.
  • my former students knew how much I cared...doesn't matter how old they get.
  • my eyesight wasn't changing (for the worse).
  • my sister lived closer.
  • we could have a big beach vacation all together (parents, sister/family, us).
  • I could get caught up on laundry.
  • I had a compost pile AND a little garden.
  • I had a green thumb.
  • that more foods were "natural".
  • my attic were organized.
  • my snaggletooth children would lose their other front tooth. I love toothless grins.
  • I had a swimming pool (which would require a much bigger yard).
  • some days that time would speed up...other days I want to stop it.
  • I knew why some friendships just end without warning.
  • I could sing...on key.
  •  I wish I had a normal life.  Please, no comments about "What is normal anyway?"  I grew up living a fairly normal life. The life I have right now is not so normal.  
I am sure I could wish away the night but I must get a little sleep.  (refer to the one above about not being able to sleep in :)

What are you wishing for these days?


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  1. Wow, your wish list looks a lot like mine. Mostly, I find myself wishing things were easier for us. I wish for more time and more energy. I'm not saying I'd like to go back to life like it was before kids, but sometimes darn it, I'd just like to be able to sit down and watch TV! Or read a book or even do NOTHING. Maybe I just wish it was quiet sometimes. Sigh.


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