Friday, August 2, 2013

42...Can It Be?

Didn't I just write my 41st birthday blessing post like yesterday?  How is it possible that a whole year has passed? And now I am going on birthday 42...

Yet I know it is happening, that whole 42 thing. My eyes are beginning to fail me. I feel aches and pains I have never had aches and pains before.  And I can only do gymnastics in my mind these days.

Yet I still have a lot to be thankful for...

In no particular order, here is this year's list of 42 blessings in my life...

42.  Sunsets and waterfalls and rainbows...they all take my breath away.
41.  Burying my toes in the warm sun while I watch the kids play in the waves
40.  The beautiful greens of spring as the world comes back to life
39.  Sweet comments on my blog
38.  A late night walk with my hubby and my main man
37.  An afternoon nap curled up with the little pup
36.  Listening to Child 4 read books (even chapter books) to me
35.  Organized files and photos
34.  Zumba with my co-workers...exercise and fun all in one
33.  Hugs from former students (both big and small)
32.  The smell of homemade bread drifting through the house
31.  Love texts from my husband in the middle of the day
30.  Watching Psyche with Child 1
29.  A hike on a cool fall day
28.  Rain falling in the middle of the night
27.  White lilies and magnolia blossoms...not necessarily together. They are just both beautiful to me.
26.  Watching the kids play in the backyard on a summer evening while fireflies buzz around us
25.  Music on my iphone...I have quite an eclectic mix
24.  Child 3's servant heart
23.  The morning paper (especially the comics)
22.  Baby birds in my doorway
21.  Housecleaning days (coming home to a clean house...woohoo!)
20.  Watching child 2 play volleyball...she loves it!
19.  Seeing that "light bulb" go off for my students throughout the year
18.  Visits with dear friends
17.  A triple word play on Words with Friends
16.  Swimming with the kids in my parents' new pool
15.  Oh Holy Night, my favorite Christmas hymn
14.  Taking pictures (I am not saying I am good at it...I just like doing it)
13.  A new book (and time to read it...just for fun)
12.  Turning off my alarm clock in the summertime
11.  Visits with my sister
10.  Grandparents (our folks) who give their time and love to care for the children while we roadtrip
9.  A hot shower after a long day
8.  Newly painted toenails (which I am in BIG need of :)
7.  Dark chocolate Ghirardelli squares with sea salt caramel, chilled (I am guessing this has been on my list for the last several years :)
6.  Meteor showers
5.  Cheese pizza, hot from the oven
4.  New episodes of Lock Up (I know, an odd one...that show just fascinates me :)
3.  Butterflies
2.  Good days. They don't happen every day. But when they do, I appreciate every moment...

and last but not least...

1.  You!  I am thankful for my friends and family who support me, love me, pray for me, understand me. I am blessed...

Have a blessed day!


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