Friday, August 16, 2013


Okay, I told you in my last post that technically my summer is over. And that is true. Once I set foot in my school, summer is done (for me). However, I am feeling nostalgic this week FOR my summer, so I am going to post a little more before I move on to some real life not as fun posts.

I have been thinking about the "poems" my kids have written over the years focusing on a topic and the senses used to explore that topic. So that will be my post today.

by Reba

Summer looks like...
   green grass
      the ocean blue
            brilliant sunsets as the day ends
                  lightning bugs flashing in the night

Summer sounds like...
      silence (no alarm clocks!)
            children laughing
                 waves crashing against the shore
                        crickets chirping through the night

Summer feels like...
              warm sand between my toes
                      a sunny day shining upon my arms
                            the cool pool water lapping at my legs
                                  ice cream dripping down my chin

Summer smells like...
           freshly cut grass
                 the salt water of the ocean
                       food cooking on the grill
                            basil growing outside my window

Summer tastes like...
             Gooey smores, hot off the grill
                     ice cold lemonade
                            Grilled shrimp
                                 shaved ice

Summer is...
                                time to reflect.

I love summer.

More soon,

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