Saturday, September 14, 2013

Long Days, Short Years...

One of my favorite parenting sayings is "The days are long but the years are short."

Oh, how true this is. 

The days are long.  I am sure there are some parents out there who would disagree but for me, the days can be endless.  There is always a crisis, a drama, an issue, a challenge, a concern.  The homework and school papers and school activities and social activities keep me hopping after a full day of school. 

Sometimes, especially when we are in the midst of a not fun stage, I wonder why and how long I will be there.

The days are long.

But the years are short.

I am reminded over and over of this.

Today Child 3 came into the kitchen to ask me a question. She was wearing a t-shirt that I am pretty sure Child 2 just wore last year or the year before. I had to do a double take.

Child 4 just had his first spelling test yesterday.  The first of many.

Child 1 is now learning how to drive.

Child 2 has surpassed me in both height and shoe size.  And much to her father's dismay, she is beginning to talk about boys (giggle, giggle, giggle).

Child 3 is reading long chapter books, the Junie B Jones books pushed to the side.

Child 4 reads to me about as much as I read to him now.

Child 1 has started talking about college (and getting ready for that).

Child 2 went to the football game with us last night and hung out with friends rather than sit with us.

Child 3 and Child 4 have been sitting and playing together (cars and blocks) all morning long. 

I always hated it when people told me "Enjoy this moment; time will fly by" as I rocked my newborn son.

I mean, at that time especially the days (and nights) were long.  They seemed never ending.

And I honestly have no desire to return to those days.

But I won't lie.

I do miss certain moments.

Rocking my newborn babies.

Watching my sweet babies toddle around the house.

Snuggling on the couch with the kiddos as I read Little Critter books with them.

Holding a feverish child.

Singing Amazing Grace to them as they drifted off to sleep.

Most of those moments have passed.

We do have new moments.

Sharing a laugh over a political cartoon.

Watching our youngest swing the bat at his baseball game.

Buying make up and clothes with my giggly girl.

Hearing new and big words in their vocabulary.

Some days do still seem long.

But the years are undoubtedly short.

Time is flying by.

In just a few years, our first will leave the nest.

We will have teenage drivers.

The Little Critter books will be packed away for future grandchildren.

And one day our house might even be silent. 

I could be sad.  And am sometimes.

But it is part of life.

Instead, I am going to just stop and enjoy these moments.

They really will be gone in a blink of the eye...


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