Friday, September 20, 2013

Thankfully Thursday

Here I am, a blog post I started over a week ago just sitting waiting to be finished.

Life has been busy.

But no matter how busy it is, I still have things to be thankful for.

Things like...

  • rain, no matter how little (and it has been little). At least it brought cooler temperatures.
  • Fridays. And nowhere to be for that one night.
  • dinner out with a friend to share in the ups and downs of adoption.  
  • two workouts under my belt. And I can almost walk now without moaning and groaning.
  • a hard-working husband.
  • my mom who came to my rescue not once but twice this week with my kiddos.
  • guilt.  Yes, guilt. Not for me but for one of my children who expressed feeling it for the first time (that I know of).
  • my crockpot.  It was the only way we had dinner (in about 15 minutes tonight before the shuttling of activities).
  • our sweet puppy who greets us each day with a wagging tail and obvious excitement to see us.
  • time with a book.  I may not be blogging regularly but nearly every day I find time to read just for fun.
  • watching my students "get it" (whatever "it" is...).
  • finishing up some paperwork at school that has been consuming my time and energy.
  • getting to watch my kiddos play their sports. This week I have watched Child 2 play volleyball, Child 3 "cheer", and Child 4 play baseball. Child 1 will run cross country.  It keeps me busier than I want sometimes but I love seeing their passions unfold.
  • laughs.  This week Child 4 woke up feeling ill. He told me that after he finished breakfast, he would go take his "blood pressure".  You know, with a thermometer.  Thankfully I got a laugh out of that because I wasn't laughing later when I found out his temperature was too high for school.  I guess I can also be thankful for short-lived viruses...
  • dinner out with my parents and grandmother earlier this week to celebrate my mom's birthday.
  • my mom.  I could write a whole blog post about her but won't. At least not today.  :)
  • Alleve and Advil.  (Refer to the workout post above)
  • a new Razorback shirt. Yep, totally treated myself...
  • the fact that my kids follow me around the house to tell me about their day. I can't always say I enjoy it (when I am trying to do other things to) but I am thankful for those time!
How about you?

What are you thankful for on this Thursday?


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