Thursday, October 10, 2013

A-Walking and A-Talking

One or two nights a week, I flash my pearly whites, flutter my black mascara eyelashes, and use my sweetest voice...

"Are we going for a walk tonight?"

More often that not, even when he is really tired or there is a great football game on, he agrees.  He being my main man. 

I don't know that it is really for me or perhaps for the dog.

Either way, I love late night walks with my hubby.

We leash up the dog, grab some bags, and head down the street.

I think the teenager doesn't really mind being in charge for a few minutes since the others are sleeping AND he gets free reign of the remote.

And me?

I treasure the time.

I get some exercise.

The pup is SOOO happy bo be outside.  (She starts running around the house once she sees me slip on my walking shoes.)

And I love the one on one time.

No interruptions (other than occasionally that little pup).

No electronics to distract.

Just me, just him, just a pup.

And the sky.  The star filled sky.

And LOTS of fresh air.

Sometimes we are silent.

Sometimes we talk.

Sometimes we laugh.

Sometimes we just listen.

But always we reconnect.

We come back together after a crazy whirlwind evening.

And we enjoy it.

Every moment.

Or at least I do...


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