Friday, February 13, 2015

Thankful Thursday Thoughts...

It was a long week. I really hoped to share some other thoughts this week but I should have known it was too ambitious a dream.  We had parent/teacher conferences this week (which means staying about 10 hours after hours then coming home to do home stuff throughout the week).  It was a challenging week as a parent.  It was a tiring week as a teacher (kids get a bit rowdy for Valentine's Day parties...).  But somehow I made it through.

And even in the midst of all the stress (and there was lots), I found some things for my gratitude journal...

  • watching my daughter with her friends, all dressed for the semi-formal dance
  • pizza night- no cooking!
  • my camera
  • holding my husband's hand
  • sweet hugs from students as they leave for the day
  • my reading room
  • a drive through the Boston Mountains on a beautiful January day
  • watching my daughter play her game (volleyball) with passion
  • listening to the giggles of teenage girls in the backseat of my car
  • a gas station off the exit right after the gas light comes on
  • the breathtaking view of the University when we top the hill on I-49
  • an "I love you" from my youngest child before I leave
  • the smell of banana nut muffins drifting through the house
  • the big yellow moon in the sky
  • answered prayers during parent/teacher conferences
  • a husband who picks up the kids from school so I can do conferences
  • thinking about the beach
  • a Sonic drink surprise from a friend
  • sitting down after a very long day
  • comfortable shoes
  • new books from a book order
  • a quick evening snooze
  • a beautiful bright pink sunset at the end of a long week
  • Valentines from my sweet students
  • cooking dinner with my oldest child
  • finishing my last parent/teacher conference for the week
  • watching my students write
  • an understanding e-mail from a friend
So I have a few things to be thankful for.  What about you?


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