Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How Do I Love Thee?

Yes, I am still gratituding (most days). I am sure I will have plenty to share on Thursday. That being said, last week was a tough week. I can only hope this one will be better.  Please.  Pretty please?

So I have written several posts this past week. In my head.  Like "The Life of a Teacher". "Omaha Fun".  "Down and Out in Ozark Hills".  "Poster Child for Adoption". Yes. All of those.

But I settled on this one when one of my children, yet again, asked, "Do you really love me?"

So this is written to my children and husband.

Some tongue in cheek.

Some truth.

How Do I Love Thee?

Let Me Count Thy Ways...

  • Even after a full day of watching volleyball games, I still go to the grocery store to buy food to cook for you all week.
  • I clean the sink out any chance I have, just because I know you like it that way.
  • I get the smallest shake with the leftover ice cream on shake night.
  • I listen to endless dialogues about Star Wars characters.  Or at least I pretend to...
  • I stay up until midnight cleaning, preparing food, etc.  Then I am up early in the morning to start the day, pack lunches, etc.  And I usually end up with about 10 minutes to get myself ready for the day.
  • I am the last one to sit down to eat our pancake/bacon dinner. While you all are eating, I was at the griddle, flipping pancakes. And my bacon is cold by the time I sat down (to an empty table).
  • I went to a volleyball tournament. On Valentine's Day.
  • In fact, I spend many good hiking days watching volleyball games. Inside.
  • I get up early on Sunday mornings (when I really would rather sleep) to make breakfast for everyone.
  • I share my prized pistachios with you.
  • I sit next to you with sports blaring on the t.v. just to spend time with you.
  • I sit through countless music programs, choir concerts, school presentations, etc.
  • I reach out to your teachers (without you ever knowing) when I know you are struggling or hurt or treated unfairly (or so you think).
  • I watch you do the same trick on the trampoline thirty million times, oohing and ahhing every time.
  • I note the things you notice or like or mention for possible future gift ideas.
  • I huddle in the cold to watch you play soccer or baseball.
  • I don't read books often because I know I will get lost in that world and forget about you.
  • I go to Target late at night for that list minute friend birthday gift or a wardrobe crisis.
  • I go to school earlier than I wish each day because you signed up for early morning activities.
  • I leave school early each day though I know I could work there for hours (at night and on the weekend).
  • I search for Coke bottles with your name on them.
  • I sit through cartoons for Popcorn/Shake night.
  • I spend a lot of time wrapping all those birthday gifts that will be open in 3 minutes.
  • I stay up at night, holding your sick body, wishing I could take any and all illness away.
  • I take family vacations instead of the extensive travel I would like to do.
  • I read books, I pray, I talk to friends, all to find out how to be a better mom (and wife).
I know there are many more but I must head to bed.

How do you show love for your family?

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  1. Sometimes it helps to write it all out. And sometimes it's just alarming! :)


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