Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Blows In...

Last night when we went to bed, there were fierce winds blowing, loud rumbles of thunder, bright flashes of light. When we awoke, the air was cooler and it was a lovely dark gray all day. It looked like, smelled like and felt like fall...happy first day of autumn!

What else did it blow in?

Maybe an ornery child or two.

But we got through the day, though I am fading fast.

There were times today I thought I was going to pull my hair out.

But then we finally had a little down time once the little people were in bed...and enjoyed...

a rousing game of...


And then all was right with the world...

PS I have exercised two days in a row, and I am feeling every bit after my exercise hiatus. I have also cooked dinner two days in a row. I keep waiting for my gold star to fall from the sky. :)


  1. here's a gold star for you. :)
    I always find it's easier to think short term (as in, tonight I will cook supper and exercise as soon as Emelyn's in bed before I do anything else) instead of longterm (i.e. I will cook from scratch every meal and exercise every night until Christmas.:)

  2. When your gold star falls catch mine too!!! Not for excercising, but for cooking! We haven't eatten out one time this week and I have actually cooked. For some reason I don't think we will get those stars! Good for you for excercising. I hope this week has been better for you. You are in my prayers everyday!


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