Monday, September 21, 2009

More Toddler Tips

Again, I am not speaking as an expert other than I have a toddler in my house who some days is in full toddler mode. I shared a few "tips" the other day and today thought of a few more. Since I am wiped out today, I am going to fall back on what I know (somewhat). :)

A few more tips:

  • Silliness. When our toddler begins to be ridiculous (or irrational I should say), sometimes (though not all of the times), silliness can win him over. Like pretending he hurts my hand when he gives me "five" or Mark turning a diaper sack into a puppet that starts to tickle him. Silliness doesn't always work. Sometimes he isn't in the mood (nor are we). But it is usually worth a try, especially if it heads off a tantrum (either him or us :).

  • Outdoors. As much as I can, I try to get toddler boy (really ALL of the kids) outdoors at least for a while. i don't think sunshine can hurt too much in small doses. And I know having the opportunity to burn off some energy running around the yard does a body (and a house) good. :) Today we had a very overcast afternoon. We could hear rumblings of thunder in the background. Yet we saw no lightning nor any rain, so we stayed out as long as we could. I am thankful for outside times.

  • Attention. I am finding more and more that if I can give my undivided attention for just a few minutes, I am much more likely to get some understanding when I cannot give my attention. That means stopping everything, getting on the ground, and playing trains or just pushing for a while on the swing. I have noticed if I will push for a while, I can usually say, "I am almost done pushing...I need to rest." And in a few minutes I do stop with little harassment.

  • That brings me to my next point...transitions. Transition times are our most difficult times. For a toddler, it is just another example that they are not in control of themselves. Someone else is always deciding their schedules. We try to give warnings whenever possible before switching from one activity to another. I am not saying it always heads off a protest, but it does seem to help to say, "Last one" on the snack or "We are almost done..."

  • Letting him win. We joke that toddler boy is a bit OCD. And he is...typical for toddlers. The same child who somehow gets spaghetti from head to toe and all over his high chair gets very teary over a little spilled milk. Then he insists upon a "wipee" which is really code word for a paper towel. I know it is ridiculous. And there are some things that we just ignore. But once in a while, it is okay for him to win. Truly, if having a paper towel helps settle him, I don't mind. We win many battles, that one little battle will not hurt us (we hope :).

  • Kisses fix everything. Right now, if he falls or gets hurts in any way, he immediately is sticking the body part out and asking for "tisses". For him, "tisses" fix everything. I wish that would last for life!

Sorry so short, but I must get up and about!


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