Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Done List

I rarely make "to do" lists. Oh, don't get me wrong. I have them going in my head all of the time. I just rarely take the time to write them out. That would just be one more thing to do. :) Plus I would probably lose it in my pile of things to do. So I just don't.

There are days I feel like I am lazy. I look at my grandmother. She can run circles around me. And to think she had five kids, a farm, and a much different life (no microwave for example) and still did everything...well, I just feel downright slothful.

And some days I am.

But sometimes what I like to do at the END of the day is think about what I did accomplish that day rather than what I didn't.

And sometimes I find out I did more than I realized.

Such as today...

  • Got up before I really wanted to and made donut holes with child 2 for some quality time (and a yummy breakfast). Then I managed to photograph them and blog about them on the cooking blog a little later.
  • folded a load of laundry
  • got another load started
  • cleaned up the kitchen from our popcorn/shakes night last night
  • read the newspaper (I like to be up on current events)
  • scheduled the meals for the next week
  • made a grocery list based on the menu of meals for next week
  • played a game with child 2 on Wii (didn't really feel like it but sometimes we just have to do these things)
  • made lunch for child 3 and myself
  • mediated arguments and disagreements, dealt out consequences to any rule breakers
  • made the bed
  • put away clothes
  • responded to e-mails, texts, and blog posts
  • watched daughter's last basketball game
  • went to the grocery store on a whirlwind trip
  • put away groceries
  • made/enjoyed dinner with friends
  • made a dessert (fruit pizza) with Maria as a special treat
  • rocked a sweet baby (not ours)
  • cleaned up the kitchen/table after our meal
  • vacuumed up cobwebs and glitter in the dining room (no, they were in separate places)
  • played my turn in some Words with Friends games
  • read today's Bible reading and wrote on the Radical Experiment blog
  • wrote this entry for this blog :)
  • read a couple of magazines, noting interesting recipes or websites to visit
  • wore blue to support a nephew with autism
  • got some items for our Life Group tomorrow
The one thing I didn't do that I meant to was exercise. I instead feel like I ran a marathon even when I did no true exercise. I will get it tomorrow...

So I may not be my grandmother. I will probably never be. But I am getting some things done, whether they are on the "to do" list or not...


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